No. 198

23 October 2020

Dear Parents & Carers

What a wonderful way to end the first half of our autumn term with a Fluffy Friday! It’s been great to see the children having so much fun together! Once again, as a staff we’ve appreciated their optimism and how much they have gained from being together with other children. With this week’s assembly theme asking us to accentuate the positive, we’ve seen our school community being full of hopefulness. Thank you so much to all our families for enabling us to remain open these past weeks. Following the covid guidelines remains so essential to keep us all safe. The vast majority of people are being so careful – thank you! Can I remind everyone, if you or anyone in your household shows symptoms of covid 19 (high temperature, persistent cough and / or loss of taste or smell) your child should not come to school. As soon as anyone in your household books a covid test, your child should stay off school or be collected from school immediately. Please do not wait for a test result. This is so important and, especially for our staff, it is an essential part of our risk assessment to keep them healthy. With some of us in a more vulnerable category, I really can’t emphasise this enough. Let’s all be determined to keep the school community safe and open.

Thank you also for your patience as we’ve tried out our remote learning procedures this term (both Tapestry (infants) and Microsoft Forms (juniors)). With the vast majority of people now able to upload work from home, we’re confident that in the event of classes closing, the children will be able to access and share work with their classteacher. Well done to all those families who have persevered to overcome any technical hitches! Some of you have asked about how we plan to provide feedback. Obviously up until now, the children have received feedback on these home-learning tasks together with their classmates, in the classroom, just like they would with normal homework. Should their class be closed and the children having to work from home, their teacher would connect with the class via Zoom each day so that feedback is given remotely. We continue to hope that this doesn’t happen too often!

Please do pass on my thanks to the children for an excellent start to the academic year. You’ll hear about our parents’ evening plans after the break, when you can look forward to hearing about their wonderful progress. Until then, I know you’ll want to celebrate with them a very successful first half term! Similarly, I know you’ll want to echo my thanks and admiration to our staff team who have inspired me with their selfless, courageous and adaptable spirit. We’re all looking forward to a week of rest and relaxation! Have a super half term break; stay well.

With love, Clare

Thought of the Week: “Accentuate the positive!” Hero of the week: Helen Keller. Are you a positive person?

Whole school notice:

With last week’s reminder in the newsletter about children’s safety on the roads around school, some of you might find this document helpful. It was noticed on Twitter and sets out important information for parents about the ages at which children’s traffic awareness develops. It contains some useful road safety tips to pass on at home:


Nasal flu vaccination e-consent
If you have not already done so, please complete the flu vaccination e-consent by 4pm on Monday 9 November: (you will need to insert the school’s unique code SR136755). If you do not wish your child to receive the vaccine then please fill in the ‘NO’ box. Flu vaccination is taking place at Pewley Down on Monday 16 November.

Pewley Bank
We would like to remind parents that Pewley Bank, adjacent to the school, is a private road and we would ask you to find alternative places to park.

Rylan in Hazel Class has lost his Spiderman hat.

Menu for week beginning Monday 2 November
Mon: Sweet & Sour Chicken or Sweet & Sour Char Vegetables, Steamed Rice; Homemade Flapjack
Tues: Pasta Carbonara or Tomato & Courgette Pasta, Garlic Bread; Chocolate Cake
Weds: Roasted Lemon Chicken with Gravy or Roasted Vegetable Frittata; Fresh Fruit Salad
Thurs: Beef Chilli Taco or Lentil Chilli Taco, Steamed Rice; Fruit Jelly
Fri: Crispy Fish Fingers with Chips or Freshly made Cheese & Tomato Pizza, Baked Beans; Homemade Shortbread
Selection of seasonal vegetables also available daily.


Dates for the Diary
Year 4 Roman Day Thursday 5th November
Year 5 Guildford Tudor History Walk: 5S & 5T on Thursday 5th November and 5JJ on Friday 6th November

Year 7 Secondary Applications
This is a reminder to the parents and carers of Year 6 children that applications for secondary schools close on Saturday, 31st October 2020, which happens to fall on a Saturday during half term this year and it is vital that you submit your application on or before this date. Please note that on-line applications are preferred by SCC, and e-Admissions forms together with further information are available on their website Should you require a hard copy, please e-mail or telephone 0300 200 1015. Paper copies should be returned directly to Surrey County Council

School Photos
Wednesday 4th November – Siblings and Years 3 and 4
Thursday 5th November – Years 5 and 6
The school photographer will be visiting on the above dates to take individual photographs of the children so please remember to wear smart school uniform that day.
The HT/PD sibling photograph will be taken on the 4th November at 8:30am.

Parents Evening Zoom Meetings
Please see Parentmail for booking information. 
Year 3 : 9-12th November
Years 4, 5, 6 : 10 & 12th November

Week 2 Menu for 2-6 November
Depending on the deliveries received by the Kitchen on Monday 2nd November, the menu for the first day back may vary slightly.


Hi All,

So, it’s half term week - finally! And we have some things for you to note

Bake and stroll
The annual (delayed and very different this year) bake and stroll will be happening the weekend of Sunday, 22 November 2020. So called 'Stir-up Sunday', this is apparently the weekend when we should all don our aprons, gather family or friends (in groups of no more than 6 obviously) and make a Christmas pudding. If you believe the good housekeeping guide then it is also the day when wishes are said to come true - so when we have further details on the bake and stroll then do keep this in mind.

Tea towels
Caroline and Ruth have been working on a project to have all of our children enshrined in tea towel form this year, so look out for the order forms straight after half term. Prices are £4 each, or 3 for £10, and I would say they make a great Christmas gift - maybe as a mural rather than an invitation to do the washing up!

Half term fun
Those who have entered, don’t forget the autumn trail this half term, launching Monday and running through to Friday (our logo to help you identify houses is below). Please remember there is a chance to win a small prize for the best picture of your trails. There are three age categories (one per year group) and your children should be encouraged to be as creative as they can be. For example, it might be a photo of you on the trail, or a collage (with photos or autumn objects), or a picture/painting. Please feel free to upload these pictures to tapestry.HTPDLogo.jpg

Covid safety
We cannot stress enough to please remember that this is a FOPS event and as such reflects both our charity and the school. We kindly remind you of the following safety point:
Please ensure you adhere to the rule of 6 at all times and do not congregate outside a house in larger groups.
There is a full week to do this trail so there should be plenty of opportunities for your families to take part in this fun event without there being a risk of large groups of people gathering.


Hi Everyone, Just a short update before half term….

HTSC Meeting
We had our first fundraising meeting of this school year on Tuesday evening – thank you to everyone who was able to join the meeting. Thank you also to everyone who either contacted me directly with their ideas, or via the Class reps. There will be an update of our proposed fundraising activity after half term and some dates for your diaries.

A call for out for any bakers….
Do you enjoy baking? Do you have the time to bake during the week? We are looking for a couple of bakers per year group to help Laura and Svenja (Year 4 reps) to resurrect our year group Friday bake sales in a safe way. If you think this could be for you, or would like to know more, please email and we’ll put you in touch.

If you are shopping online, one way to support the school is through and selecting HTSC Holy Trinity School Community as your cause. Over 4000 retailers are affiliated and every purchase makes a difference.

Second hand uniform
Simone has been doing a roaring trade in uniform these past few weeks and she’s sold over £180 of uniform this term. If you have any uniform to donate, or need some uniform please contact her at To pay for your items, please use the link here to pay via PayPal. Due to restrictions we cannot handle any cash at the moment.

Hope you all have a lovely break.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop an email to

Kind regards
HTSC Committee

Surrey Adult Learning – Free parenting courses to help you create a better family life
Are you worried about your child’s behaviour or development or see your child struggling at school? Do you sometimes feel anxious and would like to be more involved in their school life? Perhaps Maths isn’t your strong point or English isn’t your first language or you find phonics puzzling and you need some help to understand what your child is learning. Family Learning provides free courses and workshops to help you navigate school life and give support where your child is struggling. Because learning together is fun – and right now it couldn’t be more important. Open to parents, carers and grandparents. Spaces are available now on a range of topics including Christmas workshops. Pre-booking via our website is essential. EAL - English as an Additional Language; Maths – learning your child’s curriculum Exploring good behaviour strategies; Understanding children’s behaviour Yoga for anxiety; Cooking together; Scrummy yummy soups, Merry Muffins Skills to encourage mini scientists; Storytelling workshops; Aliens love Panta Claus

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