• Place available in Year 3 for Sept - email bevr@htpd.surrey.sch.uk

Junior 3/10/14

03 October 2014

Dear Parents,

This term in assembly we are following the life of Moses through its ups and downs. He was just like us all in many ways: quick tempered, great leader, blew it when all was going well, ready with excuses when he got it wrong. Our lives are a mixture of good and bad decisions, times when we get it right and times when it all goes wrong. All through this Moses kept his line of conversation with God open. He listened, ignored, disobeyed and negotiated with God and ended up leading his people towards the promised land. Moses was, above all, God’s person for that particular time. With all his strengths and weaknesses God used him to lead the enslaved Israelites. We are looking for a new leader and I do hope you will join me in praying for God’s person to come forward. It is a huge responsibility for the governors so please pray for them too.

Next Friday,10 October is Harvest Festival at both schools. We will once again be seeking to help the local homeless, through the No. 5 project. Please send dry, canned, or bottled foods and anything else which is non-perishable as a harvest gift to them and to remember all the good gifts we receive from our Heavenly Father.

With best wishes, Richard

For all parents of Year 6 students – may we remind you that the deadline for secondary applications is the 31st October. Parents need to complete and submit the application online or on paper by 31 October 2014. This is in half term so it's suggested that you submit your application by 24th October 2014. Please refer them to the SCC website – the link is: new.surreycc.gov.uk/schools-and-learning/schools/school-admissions/apply-for-a-school-place?content=3922

Year 6 pupils School Play Audition at the Chapel

Tuesday 7th October at 12.20 Nightingale and Shackleton
Wednesday 8th October at 12.20 Keller and Mandela


Bingo Night - Cancelled - Due to a clash with the family disco at Pewley we have decided to cancel the planned Bingo night. We will reschedule it in January/February. Apologies for any confusion.

Bonfire Night
- We need a willing team of Dads to build and clear up the bonfire. Ideally we need someone to co-ordinate the Bonfire building with a team of 5 or 6 people needed to build the bonfire on the day. Then the following morning we will need a team of people to clear the field including the bonfire and the litter. Also during the afternoon/evening of the bonfire we need someone to help with setting up the lights, gazebos etc. The HT Bonfire night is a big fundraiser and a great evening for the kids and parents we really need your support to make this event happen. If you are able to help with this please contact Carrie Witts, carriewitts@gmail.com

Years 5 & 6 cake sale - Friday 10th October - Please send in cakes/biscuits, things like fairy cakes/flapjacks etc. No nuts please. The cakes are sold to the children during school time in the afternoon. Each cake costs 25p so we suggest you send your child in with 50p - £1.00. We need helpers on the day, from 1:15 to set up and then sell the cakes, if there are any cakes left over we sell them after school. Offers of help to Lesley Wood, Lesley@revalia.co.uk

Northbrook Wrapping - You should all have received your Northbrook Christmas Gift Wrap Brochure. Order your gift wrap before the Half Term Holiday. Please send your orders into the HT office by 17th October. Our school will receive cash back for every item sold. If we all order just a couple of items we would raise significant funds for our school. Any queries or if you did not receive a brochure please contact Cherrie Gluyas cherrygluey@yahoo.com

Class Lists

Unfortunately the class lists have been delayed due to the volume of updates, the school are hoping to issue them to us shortly they will then be issued via Parentmail.

Dates for the Diary

Year 3 coffee morning – Monday at 106 Addison Road after drop off
Years 5 & 6 cake sale - Friday 10th October
Year 3 Drinks – 23rd October details tbc
Bonfire Night - Friday 7th November
Christmas Fair - Friday 28th November
Year 3 Xmas Drinks – 5th December details tbc

Vacancy – Two Catering Assistant positions

Term time only at Holy Trinity Pewley Down School – Junior, Addison Road. Please reply to Main Office or Kitchen if interested. Many thanks.

Finlay Clifford (3J) has mislaid a pair of named school shoes with Velcro straps. If you think you know where they are,
please see the office.

Found: We have a book written by Henning Mankell entitled Faceless Killers in the office. If you left this behind, please come and see us!

Becca Clegg (Mum of Issie in Yr3) will be taking part a Charity Art Fair at Guildford Institute
Fri 3 Oct (11-5) & Sat 4 Oct (10-4) in aid of Leukaemia Research (25% of sales to charity). She will also be taking part in Landmark Arts Fair in Teddington on 17(6-8.30),18 & 19 Oct (10-5) with over 80 other artists & makers - flyers at HT reception or www.becart.co.uk for more details.

Finally, we have a family living in West Clandon
at the moment who are having difficulties getting to school via the local bus service! If an HT family live in this area, travel by car and would be willing to offer lifts, would you please come to the office?

Menu - Week 3