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Junior 11/10/13

11 October 2013

Dear Parents,

More than two thousand five hundred years ago the Jewish song writer wrote a Psalm which included the words: “Be still and know that I am God”. I just wonder if we take time in our day to be still. I try for three times in the day and have found it can make all the difference. The first is the porridge moment, always on my own, when I mindfully seek to centre myself for the day and acknowledge what thoughts are passing through my mind. I actively still myself before continuing the morning rush.

The second is on arrival at school, I go to my desk open my diary and look at my appointments and responsibilities and pray through them all, telling God that I need his presence to help and guide me through the day and to make all my contact with children, staff, parents and visitors positive and encouraging.

Finally I just take time out at the very end of the day to sum up the day and thank God for being with me all day long.

It’s great being still and a good time to listen to your inner voice of spirit and conscience. A time to hear God’s still, small voice speaking in perhaps unexpected ways. Who or what comes into your mind, what are you going to do about it?

These thoughts came about after spending time with the prayer group last night. I do regard these people as a real “power house” of the school. They actively support the staff and parents as well as their core work of praying for all situations of challenge, change or difficulty in the school. Look out for when they meet and consider joining them, it’s not weird or a secret society, no need to pray aloud if you don’t want to. Just a chance to be still and communicate with God and hear his voice.

So here’s the challenge for your busy weekend – take some time out to be still!

With best wishes, Richard

A Poem by Christopher Parslow 6C:
If I try, I can remember what it was like to be free
To stand as tall as giants, and to see for miles and miles
To house amazing animals and to feel them crawling up my toes
To feel the soft rain streaming down my face
But then, the rain turned sour, the sun beat down
And the only sounds I could hear were the screams of agony from fellow trees.

I saw one of them and their metal beasts
He had a sinister smile on his unfamiliar face
My best friend crashed down with a choked scream and was devoured by them
He was carried away, destroyed and unrecognisable
The sound of the murderous machines filled my terrified mind, and I didn’t dare open my eyes
I felt the once beautiful animals leave me, knowing my fate.

A sickening crackle came from my legs as they were chewed up by the evil contraptions
The world blurred as I tumbled down helplessly
I didn’t know I was screaming until I bit my tongue as I crashed to the distant ground
They surrounded me and cut me into long, lonely beams
The only colour I could see was black, brown and grey as they carried me
Now I’m stacked in a concrete cellar, waiting to be used, or at least seen.

And one from Marley Robinson 6C entitled ‘Flames of Destruction’
The fire in the forest burns my skin
Mountains of embers climbing high
Everyone is scared
The flowers, the animals, the plants
But nothing can escape the fires of doom.

I’m choking, I’m burning!
All is burnt
They’re hacking! They’re hacking my arms!
My pets are dying, my friends are dying
Everything is dying
But I stand still and cry.

I feel helpless, I’m alone
The forest is falling
Everything is dry and the smell of burnt wood
Is choking me.
Clouds are coming, rain’s falling
Loggers leaving, fire’s going out
And peace has returned – for now……

On Thursday, 17th October, Holy Trinity Junior School will be closed for all children. Pewley Down Infant School will be open for all children. This is because a majority of teachers at HT have decided to strike and a majority of teachers at PD have decided not to strike.

Inset Days 23-25 October On Wednesday 23 October
Pewley will finish at 1200 and HT 1215.

Maths Information Evening – Junior on Thursday 21 Nov at 7.00pm
We would like to encourage as many parents as possible to attend the appropriate maths evening. We will be introducing our approach to the teaching and learning of maths, a vital part of our curriculum, as well as explaining our calculation policy. There will also be time for parents to visit their child's year group, find out about mathletics and get useful tips about supporting maths learning at home.

Christmas approaches (I know, I know!) and we have begun our auditions for the Christmas play. Your Year 6 children have been briefed regarding this but FYI and to clear up any misunderstandings held by other year groups... This year the performances will be within house groups and the main parts will be played by Year 6 of that particular house, with other parts being distributed amongst the lower years. WE ARE ONLY AUDITIONING YEAR 6; this is their special time! Keller auditions were held today. On Monday 14th we will be auditioning MANDELA, on Tuesday 15th we will audition NIGHTINGALE and on Wednesday 16th SHACKLETON. Auditions are held at 12.30 in 4S and children can collect/have already collected sample scripts from Sheila - these are to be read through NOT LEARNT! We may also have a bit of a sing and a dance about but our priority this year is character and comic timing!! We are hoping that this new approach will enable more children to play a bigger part in our whole school production. Any queries please contact Sheila by email (sheilam@.....)

Congratulations to the Year 6 netball team who came 3rd at the GHS netball tournament last Friday out of 18 teams. It was a great testament to their teamwork, determination and love of the game. Well done also to the Year 6 girls who played Tormead this week who won 10-5
and the Year 5 girls who drew 0-0.

We had our first fixture yesterday in the crisp autumnal sunshine at Tillingbourne. Great running all round with four of our girls in the top twelve including Tilly Gough and Isla Miller in 1st and 2nd places and a top ten place for Jamie Higgins.

Sorry there will be no Year 5 netball club or tag rugby club on Monday due to other sports commitments.

Good luck to all of our competitors taking part in the biathlon at K2 in Crawley on Sunday.

Guildford Book Festival are offering an exclusive offer to Holy Trinity families of cut price tickets to see Alex Scarrow (author of the "Timeriders" series) on Saturday 19 October and Jim Smith (author of the "Barry Loser" titles) on Sunday 20 October. Tickets are normally £5 each, but to our families they will be £3. This is a fantastic chance to see two of the most popular authors in childrens books. If you are interested then email me and I will arrange with box office. Both events are being held at the Electric Theatre, both are afternoon events. If you want tickets let me know early as I am away that weekend, and will not be able to do anything at the last minute geraldinet@holytrinity.surrey.sch.uk.

Operation Christmas Child
Parents received their information sheet some time ago and we hope that lots of families will be able to prepare a small shoebox of useful items, suitable for a girl or boy, which will be sent to less fortunate children around the world. The deadline for these boxes to be brought into school is Tuesday, 12 November. Thank you in advance for your support.

Holy Trinity School Community (HTSC) PTA News

BINGO NIGHT - 12 October The Bingo Night has now SOLD OUT! Tickets have been given out to your children so please make sure you get them and have the right allocation. Entry is through the Hall Fire Exit Door. Please park in the LOWER School playground – the gates will be open. Don’t forget to bring your tickets with you for the supper and a pen. Would each person attending kindly remember to bring a small, wrapped bingo prize, costing no more than 50 pence – this could be a small toy or something silly (No mankini’s this year please!)

Bonfire Night – 8 November – We need your help For this to be a great success we need help on the evening and the morning after. Below is a list of what help is needed.
• Bonfire Building Friday daytime 5 people
• Setting up From 4pm 5 people
• Entrance Gate From 6pm 4 people per half hour
• BBQ From 5pm 5 people per half hour
• Serving food From 6pm 4 people per half hour
• Serving drinks From 6pm 2 people per half hour
• Saturday Morning From 9.30pm approx 1hour.
If you can help even for half an hour please contact Karen Butler atfc1992@ntlworld.com

Christmas Fair
We need your help We will be holding the Christmas fair kick-off meeting next Wednesday at 2pm in the staff room. Please do come along if you are able to help with the planning and organisation of the fair, there are lots of things you can help with. The more people that help the better. If you would like to involved but can’t make the meeting please contact Caroline Swift caroline@swifts.me.uk

Northbrook Wrapping
Look out for the Northbrook gift wrap brochure that should have come home recently. We will all be buying wrapping paper for Christmas and of course we need birthday paper all year round. If everyone just bought one item through Northbrook we could raise a significant amount of money. Our school will receive 22% cash back on every item sold. As each item is £3.50 we will receive 77p for any product you buy. Please get your orders in to the school office before half term

Xmas Puddings Orders and Competition
Please remind your children to get their entries in for the pudding label competition by Wednesday 16th October. To get the early bird discount all pudding orders need to be in by Wednesday 16th October.  Please download an entry form and order form here.

Dates for the diary
Bingo Night - October - 12th October School Hall
Years 3 & 4 cake sale to be re-arranged
Bonfire Night – Friday 8th November
Xmas Fair - Friday 29th November

Archie Jones, 4S - Missing navy sweatshirt Keller logo, named.

Supporting Disability Challengers
Please sponsor me for the Challengers Fun Run at Stoke Park on the 13th October. This is a great local charity that provides play, care and respite for disabled children and teenagers like my brother Alex, so they can have as much fun as they deserve! We both love Challengers and want to help them make more kids happy. This year I am one of the youngest runners at 7 years old and aiming to beat my personal best of 37 minutes - http://www.kellystore.org/guildford-2013/sponsor/joshuaromero.php.