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Infant 12/10/12

12 October 2012

Dear Parents,

This week coming we are celebrating our 200th Birthday and I do hope that you will be able to come to some of the events listed above. It is a really special time for the school and we hope that the children will be made well aware of their history and heritage. So many important milestones of British and world history have impacted upon the school and we hope to illustrate some of those each morning in assembly. We also have a group of visitors coming to the school who will talk about what the school was like in their time. Reading the old log books is addictive and fascinating. The headteachers in the 1860-1890’s were constantly bemoaning the poor standards of their pupils, very often describing the children as dull and lazy. This is except for the “bricks” who were a group of favoured children who could do no wrong. The motto at this time, and for many years afterwards, was the single word “duty” which reflects well on the atmosphere of those times. As we have said before, the writers speak with real passion and pour out their hearts. Here is a particularly interesting piece that we found recently:

November 27th 1884
“It may not be out of place here to express an opinion that a clock is the worst possible part of the school furniture. An act of Parliment should be passed for the disestablishment of school clocks. A dial is one long temptation. Children must look at it – will look at it – will forget that it is thus the means of prolonging time instead of passing (sic) it. A good watch in the teachers pocket, if you will; but no great staring clock face to remind the children incessantly of what it should be their duty to forget.

This had been my own opinion for many years. So my school clock having been run down, I determined to try the truth of the above. I did so for three weeks and after the very closest observation and reflection, interestingly say that it has made a great difference in the application of the boys especially toward the end of the morning session and afternoon session. The difference is most marked.”

Well we will not be getting rid of clocks, but it brings me in mind of teaching in the United States when children just got up and walked out as the clock reached 12:00 midday and 3:30.

I do look forward to seeing you at some point next week.
With best wishes, Richard

Fluffy Friday, 19 October
Don’t forget that children should come to school in mufti (home clothes) next Friday.  If your child needs to wear particular clothes for their activity, the lead adult for that activity will send a note home.  Reception year will be doing their own version of fluffy in their classes.

As the whole school (infants and juniors) is having a picnic on the downs the kitchen will be making packed lunches for the children.  If anyone who usually has a packed lunch from home would like a school packed lunch that day please let the office know by Monday, 15th.

We also need MATERIAL for Fluffy Friday – any scraps, big or small – Julia and Pippa would be very grateful if you could bring them to Year 2 or leave them in the office.  Thank you.
Half Term 
A reminder that school will close early at 12.00 on Wednesday 24 October for the inset days and half term and re-open on Monday 5 November.

This year we are planning something different for our nativity performances.  We will be splitting the school down the middle so that each group of 3 classes will do 2 performances each.  As a result the performance dates have changed as follows (please disregard the nativity dates on the calendar circulated earlier this term).
Tuesday 11 December, 4.30pm - Hazel, Beech, Walnut
Wednesday 12 December, 9.30am - Hazel, Beech, Walnut
Wednesday 12 December, 4.30pm - Willow, Oak, Chestnut
Thursday 13 December, 9.30am - Willow, Oak, Chestnut
We are aware that some of you have siblings in different classes but we have grouped the classes to limit this as much as possible.  If you feel unable to commit to coming to see two performances please talk to your child’s class teacher. More details will be coming home soon but this is just to let you have the new dates for your diary. We will need some outdoor lighting, so if anyone has any expertise or contacts in this area please let us know.

Maths Booklet
If you were unable to come to the maths evening yesterday please see your child’s class teacher for a copy of the maths booklet which was given out at the meeting.  The maths ‘Pocket Posters’ books mentioned at the meeting are also available from the office (£2 each).


There will be a playground cake sale next Friday (19 October).  Cakes and biscuits (brought in by Beech class) will be on sale in the playground after school and all proceeds will go to the school.  Please can we remind all parents that we are a nut free school.
The next FOPS meeting will be on Monday 22 October at 8pm in the staff room.  The main agenda item will be the Christmas Fair.  All very welcome!
Northbrook swatches with order forms were given out in book bags last week.  If you have not received one & would like one please contact Becca Clegg on 07796 780042 or email becca.clegg@ntlworld.com.  Buying Northbrook items gives you the opportunity of fundraising for the school as well as buying beautiful wrap & cards. There is also the chance to win an ipad or equivalent (£500 prize draw) open to anyone placing an order. Every item purchased at £3.50 provides 77p for the school.  Please get order forms back to the school office anytime before half term.

Mount Alvernia Building Work
We have been advised by Mount Alvernia that the first big concrete pour on their radiotherapy project is taking place next Thursday 18 October. There will be 20-30 concrete wagons delivering to the site in a continuous process from 8.30 am and the increased traffic may delay the access to and from Pewley Way at varying times throughout the day.

We now have Matt working at PUPS on Mondays and Angela working Tuesdays to Fridays.  Angela also works in Willow class during the school day and Matt worked in Year 2 last year.

Savannah Pomeroy has lost her (named) Keller cardigan.
Maddie Witts has lost her M&S navy cardigan (un-named).

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