No. 201

20 November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Our hero this week reminded us all that being a peacemaker is something to strive for; Gandhi achieved so much by refusing to be an aggressor and refraining from anger. His peaceful protests changed the lives of so many in India, but also changed attitudes around the world. We also spoke about Jesus’ words to love one another even when it’s hard, to “turn the other cheek”. At HTPD, we aim to live out our school value that we are each “treasured and loved as a unique child of God”; fully embracing this statement results in a Gandhi-like spirit across the community – and that attitude produces forgiveness, tolerance, empathy, celebration of one another’s differences and successes, forbearance and compassion to understand one another’s struggles.

I’m so glad that you were able to meet your child’s teacher for Parents’ Evenings over the last fortnight and I hope that you found it as helpful and encouraging as the teachers did. We always value the home-school partnership and love hearing your perspective on your child’s experience at HTPD. Whilst the Zoom technology took some getting used to, I hope you enjoyed hearing about your child’s successes over the term so far and that you’ve now got a clearer picture of how your child is getting on. Do get in touch if you didn’t manage to make an appointment or if the technology didn’t suit you. We’d be happy to make time to talk.

I hope you were excited to hear all the details about the curriculum that your child is experiencing, whether it’s big events like Year 5’s Tudor Day or Year 2’s Fire Demonstration, or specific writing tasks that capture the imagination like Year 4’s letter home from Hadrian’s Wall. I’m so delighted that our teaching team has been able to find ways to keep the HTPD creative spirit alive in our class bubbles this term!

As the term marches on, can I thank everyone again for doing so well with all the Covid arrangements. I just wanted to clarify that if you have older children sent home from secondary school because they have come into contact at their school with someone who now has Covid, their younger siblings can still attend HTPD unless they or anyone in the household starts to show symptoms. Also, a quick reminder that self-isolation means staying at home. Older siblings should not be collecting children from HTPD if they are meant to be self-isolating for 14 days. Please keep up the good work that’s ensuring that we can stay open. Abiding by the lockdown regulations is resulting in Guildford’s infection rate coming down – let’s keep going everyone!

With love, Clare

Thought of the Week: “Turn the other cheek.” Mahatma Gandhi– can you control your anger?


Parent Governor Election
A ParentMail about the parent governor election went out earlier this week. The deadline for receipt of nominations is 12.00 noon on Monday 30 November. Nomination forms for HT and PD are available on the website along with further information on becoming a governor:

Please contact the school office if you require a paper copy of the forms or information.


Christmas Lunch, Thursday 10 December
If your child usually has a packed lunch but would like to have a school Christmas lunch on 10 December please let the office know by next Friday 27 November.

Year R health questionnaire
Health questionnaires were sent out yesterday and should be returned no later than Friday 4 December.

Pewley Christmas Post
Children are welcome to send Christmas cards to their friends, but they must be posted by Thursday 10 December at the very latest to allow for quarantining before delivery. The post boxes will be available at the upper and lower entrances from Tuesday 1 December. Please make sure envelopes are addressed with name, surname initial and class.

Shoes for Nicaragua and The Philippines
Please bring in any used children’s shoes from next Monday, 23rd. Collection boxes will be available at the drop off points. Black school shoes are particularly needed but any children's shoes will be accepted. Your shoes can help children in these countries who often can't access education if they don't have or can't afford school shoes. For more info visit:

Menu: week 4 commencing 23 November



HT Christmas Dinner
If your child would like a Christmas Dinner, please complete the parentmail form (if you have not done it already). The Kitchen needs to know final numbers ASAP. Please call the office if you need any help.

Lost Property
Last Call before the below lost items are given to Charity. We have a few unnamed items in lost property which we would like to return to families. Please claim your items as soon as possible:
Walking boots, Quechua, size 13
Trainers, Skechers, pink, size 4
Trainers, Kalenji, blue, size 13
Trainers, Karrimor, blue, size 3
Black coat, Zara, age 8.
Children can identify and collect other items of lost property from the bottom of the ramp in school. Unnamed items will be held for a week and then given to charity if unclaimed.

Nasal flu vaccination e-consent – last Call
The deadline for completing the flu vaccination e-consent is 4pm Monday 23 November 2020: (you will need to insert the school’s unique code SR125288).
If you do not wish your child to receive the vaccine then please fill in the ‘NO’ box. Flu vaccination is taking place at Holy trinity on Monday 30 November and Tuesday 1 December 2020.

Clubs Update
Fitness Fun
3A Tuesday 24 November, 1 & 8 December
5J Tuesday 24 November
4A Wednesday 25 November, 2 & 9 December

Can anyone help with Child Psychology Research ?
I am a Masters Student from Guildford, studying to become an Educational Psychologist. I am currently recruiting child participants ages between 10-14 years old for my MSc Dissertation at the University of Surrey.

My study is exploring Vicarious learning in children. Specifically how they learn attitudes from adult facial expressions. The study should only take 10 minutes and can be completed on any computer or laptop (but unfortunately not tablet, sorry!)

The study would be a nice opportunity for kids to experience an official psychological study and I'm happy to connect with anyone interested in studying psychology to a graduate level.

If anyone is interested in having their young one's participate in the study before next Monday it would be much appreciated. We don't yet have enough data!

Thank you! Please contact James Finnian

Menu - Week 2 w/c Monday 23 November 2020


Hi All,

You should by now all have seen the tea towel design and imagined your little ones on a coaster too. We have a tight turnaround on these so we can have them printed in time for Christmas so please do not delay in getting your form back. The absolute deadline for this is next Thursday 26 November.

We also have some fabulous news that someone has offered to play a role of co-Chair for FOPs from Christmas so are looking for someone/ some people to join her. We are also still looking for a new Secretary to support the FOPs team.

And finally, with only 35 days until Christmas (M&S told me) and Black Friday next week, a quick reminder to use easyfundraising every time you shop online!

Over 4,000 shops and sites will donate, so you can raise FREE donations for us no matter what you’re buying. These donations really help us out, so please sign up if you haven’t yet. It’s easy and FREE! You can get started at


Hi Everyone,

New - Pitch 2020 Fund
Please find a link to GoFundMe for direct donations to the Pitch 2020 Fund for families and friends of the school who are able to and would like to contribute in lieu of donating at events which we have not been able to provide this year. HTSC has pledged two years of fundraising efforts to raise £50K for the new MUGA pitch which was installed in the summer.

Bake Sales will be back soon
Thank you to those who responded to our call out for happy bakers. We have devised a safe way to bring a treat back for the children in their class bubbles during school hours on a Friday afternoon. The cake sales will take place in December after lockdown has (hopefully) lifted. Instead of asking for cake donations from everyone, or people to man/sell, we have a few keen bakers per year group who will bake a selection of cakes, individually wrap, quarantine, and then deliver a box of cakes to each class. A suggested donation is £1 which your child can bring in with them and put in the class jar, or there will be an online PayPal payment option if you’d prefer. If you have a child with an allergy, we would ask you to provide something suitable on the day of your child’s cake sale (we don’t have access to dietary information). Thank you to Laura and Svenja for sorting out the logistics and safety requirements, and to those who have volunteered to bake. If you would like more information or would like to volunteer as a baker, please email
The dates for this term are:
Years 3 & 4 – Friday 4th December
Years 5 & 6 – Friday 11th December

The return of the HT Quiz
Our amazing Librarian Geraldine and her husband, Michael, are currently putting together a Family Quiz night for us online. More details coming soon.

Easyfundraising If you are shopping online, one way to support the school is through and selecting HTSC Holy Trinity School Community as your cause. Over 4000 retailers are affiliated and every purchase makes a difference.

Second hand uniform
Simone has been doing a roaring trade in uniform these past few weeks and she’s sold over £180 of uniform this term. If you have any uniform to donate, or need some uniform please contact her at To pay for your items, please use the link here to pay via PayPal. Due to restrictions we cannot handle any cash at the moment.

Recycled Clothing Collection
This is a very early ‘heads up’ that there will be a clothing collection on 26 January 2021 if you are planning to have a bit of a clear out. Details of the collection point will be confirmed before Christmas.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop an email to

Kind regards
HTSC Committe

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