No. 200

13 November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

It was great to hear about the success of Marcus Rashford’s campaign to provide support during the school holidays for those families across the country in receipt of means-tested free school meals. The government have now arranged for local authorities to take on this important role rather than individual schools. You will remember that we had already raised a substantial amount of money for our own children. This fund will now be used to ensure that our support is more widely focused, providing funds for clothing, school trips and Christmas goodies. However, please do get in touch with the finance team if you would like to arrange a refund, given the altered arrangements.

Another successful week in school started with an excellent assembly, led by the children in Emily and Laura’s class. They introduced us to the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. and encouraged the whole school community to continue to stand up for justice and live out our values with “everyone treasured and loved as a unique child of God.” We are so glad that our school community is so diverse and that we have children speaking over 30 different languages!

We’re hoping that as the term’s topics unfold, next week proves to be a highlight for many. In Year 5 the children will be taking part in a Tudor Banquet, meeting Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh, and preparing to entertain the year group via Zoom! Meanwhile in Year 2, the Great Fire of London topic is hotting up, with plenty of key fire safety messages being taught. I’m so proud of the staff team for making learning so engaging, especially so within our current restricted situation.

With parent consultations taking place this week and next, I hope you’ve enjoyed celebrating with your child’s teacher all the different areas in which they’ve made progress since the start of term. Do get in touch if you haven’t managed to book an appointment; it’s so important to share in the learning journey together and we really appreciate the partnership between home and school.

With love,

Thought of the Week: “Everyone is equal.” Martin Luther King Jr – do you make the world fairer?

Whole School Notice

Polite parking around school
Please do take care when parking near to either sites at drop off and pick up. Please do not block driveways or access for our neighbours. It’s also dangerous to park on the pavement – especially as so many children walk home unaccompanied and need to be able to do this safely without having to step out into the road. Remember not to park on the zigzags and think about where children cross the road. Parking up a short distance away is so much safer than trying to hover just outside the gates. Thank you for keeping the children safe.

HTPD Prayer Group
The HTPD prayer group is made up of parents who pray for the children, families, staff and the wider life of the school across both sites. As we currently can't meet in person updates for prayer are shared on a WhatsApp group. We'd love to have more of our community praying and anyone who would like to join can email with their mobile number, or speak to Lydia Foster or Gracie Southcombe.

Parent Governor Election
We currently have two parent governor vacancies on the HTPD governing body. Further information on the governor role and the nomination process will be sent out early next week via ParentMail.

Admission to Year R and Year 3 – September 2021
The Surrey County Council on-line booking system is now open for September 2021 applications for Year R and Year 3 and closes on 15 January 2021. This applies if you have a child due to start school in September 2021 (children born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017), or a child in Year 2 transferring to Junior School. Please note that even though Pewley Down and Holy Trinity schools are federated you must still apply for entry to Year 3.

In addition to the Surrey application there is also a junior and an infant supplementary information form available on the website or from the relevant school office. Supplementary forms should be returned direct to the school.


Surrey Advertiser - Year R photo
The group photo of our Year R children will be in today’s edition of the Surrey Advertiser (available from supermarkets and newsagents).

Nasal flu vaccination
A reminder that flu vaccinations are taking place on Monday 16 November.

Christmas Lunch, Thursday 10 December
Children who usually have a packed lunch are very welcome to have a school Christmas lunch on 10 December. Please let the office know by Friday 27 November if you would like your child to join in with the lunch and confirm whether they have any allergies.

Shoes for Nicaragua and The Philippines
Please save any used children's shoes to help children who urgently need them. Children in these countries often can't access education if they don't have or can't afford school shoes and your cast offs can help! Black school shoes are particularly needed but any children's shoes will be accepted. Shoes will be collected from Monday 23 November; please leave them in the boxes provided at the school drop off points. Many thanks. For more info visit:

Menu: week 3 commencing 16 November


Dates for the Diary
Monday 30 November - Nasal Flu Vaccine Years 3-6

Tempest Photographs
Tempest Individual and sibling photo samples, along with the order forms are being sent home today. Please check your child’s bookbags for these.

Please return the order forms to school by Friday 20 November.

Nasal flu vaccination e-consent – reminder
The deadline for completing the flu vaccination e-consent is 4pm Monday 23 November 2020: (you will need to insert the school’s unique code SR125288).

If you do not wish your child to receive the vaccine then please fill in the ‘NO’ box. Flu vaccination is taking place at Holy trinity on Monday 30 November and Tuesday 1 December 2020.

Lost Property
Following last week’s notice about labelling your child’s uniform we have a few unnamed items in lost property which we would like to return to families:
Walking boots, Quechua, size 13
Trainers, Skechers, pink, size 4
Trainers, Kalenji, blue, size 13
Trainers, Karrimor, blue, size 3
Black coat, Zara, age 8
Please claim your items of lost property as soon as possible. Children can identify and collect items of lost property from the bottom of the ramp in school.

Unnamed items will be held for a week and then given to charity if unclaimed.

Menu - Week 1


Hi All,

Firstly, thank you to all who supported the autumn trail, we raised nearly £200 and our toy hedgehog had a lovely holiday in someone's window :)

Now upcoming stuff, and news

Bake and stroll
The annual (delayed and very different this year) bake and stroll will still be happening the weekend of Sunday, 22 November 2020 (assuming that the guidelines do not change again). We reserve the right to cancel at short notice! More details are to follow via Parent mail but this is going to be a similar format to the autumn trail and should be undertaken at your leisure at some point over the weekend. There will also be the baking competition, to be judged at face value, which we look forward to seeing the entries for.

Covid Guidance
Please ensure you adhere to the current restrictions and only undertake the stroll in your family group or support/childcare bubble. Please do not congregate outside a ‘checkpoint’, and if another family is already there please wait safely or head back later.

Tea towels
Ready to brighten your kitchen decor, we are hoping that children’s faces on tea towels will be ready to order from Monday. Look out for order details coming via Parent mail.

Prices are £4 each, or 3 for £10.

And finally but very importantly……. ‘HELP!!!!!!!’
As we head towards Christmas we are acutely aware that the current FOPs team do not have the capacity to continue and we are fast approaching a moment where we will have to step down regardless of whether others are able to take the baton. Please do contact us or Clare B if you have an interest in undertaking FOPS roles as a Chair, co-Chair or Secretary.


Hi Everyone,

Just a couple of notes for you for this week.

Bake Sales will be back soon
Thank you to those who responded to our call out for happy bakers. We have devised a safe way to bring a treat back for the children in their class bubbles during school hours on a Friday afternoon. The cake sales will take place in December after lockdown has (hopefully) lifted. Instead of asking for cake donations from everyone, or people to man/sell, we have a few keen bakers per year group who will bake a selection of cakes, individually wrap, quarantine, and then deliver a box of cakes to each class. A suggested donation is £1 which your child can bring in with them and put in the class jar, or there will be an online PayPal payment option if you’d prefer. If you have a child with an allergy, we would ask you to provide something suitable on the day of your child’s cake sale (we don’t have access to dietary information). Thank you to Laura and Svenja for sorting out the logistics and safety requirements, and to those who have volunteered to bake. If you would like more information or would like to volunteer as a baker, please email
The dates for this term are:
Years 3 & 4 – Friday 4th December
Years 5 & 6 – Friday 11th December

The return of the HT Quiz
Our amazing Librarian, Geraldine and her husband, Michael, are currently putting together a Family Quiz night for us online. More details coming soon.

Pitch Fund
There will be a fund launched next week for direct donations to the Pitch Fund which will be open for the remainder of the school year.

If you are shopping online, one way to support the school is through and selecting HTSC Holy Trinity School Community as your cause. Over 4000 retailers are affiliated and every purchase makes a difference.

Second hand uniform
Simone has been doing a roaring trade in uniform these past few weeks and she’s sold over £180 of uniform this term. If you have any uniform to donate, or need some uniform please contact her at To pay for your items, please use the link here to pay via PayPal. Due to restrictions we cannot handle any cash at the moment.

Recycled Clothing Collection
This is a very early ‘heads up’ that there will be a clothing collection on 26th January 2021 if you are planning to have a bit of a clear out. Details of the collection point will be confirmed before Christmas.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop an email to

Kind regards
HTSC Committee

Interested in teaching?


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