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No 182

22 May 2020

Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Firstly, my weekly message to the children,

Well done everyone! We’ve made it through a whole half term of learning at home. You’ve all been amazing. I’ve been so impressed with your “keep going” attitude and I have loved hearing that, for many of you, your zest for learning is still as strong as ever. And it’s now the holidays!

If we’d been in school, this would have been a Fluffy Friday, so I hope that at home you can invent some wonderful ways to enjoy the time. Doing something different is a really good way to spend these strange days…I’m looking forward to hearing about your new hobbies. I wonder whether we’ll need to set up some new clubs at school!

Over the half term break, we’ve come up with a great idea that you’ll find on the website. Instead of jetting off on a real holiday, we thought you would enjoy imagining a half term holiday of your dreams. Where in the world would you most like to go? With an adult to help you and make sure you’re safe, use the internet to research some wonderful far-flung destination! Or maybe you’d prefer to imagine somewhere more local. Wherever you decide, enjoy finding out about that place, and maybe enjoy some international cooking, a spot of language learning, and even a virtual museum tour! Let’s all get really creative! We will look forward to sharing the postcards that you email through to us after the break.

And now to our parents and carers:

Thank you so much for the messages of encouragement that you’ve emailed to me at this challenging time. I’m so grateful to you for your understanding when things are so uncertain; it’s been a busy week in school as we prepare for our wider opening. Many of the staff team have once again gone the extra mile to ensure that we can open safely with furniture, equipment, and plans in place to keep both children and adults safe if we do welcome some children back. I’m sure you’ll want to echo my thanks to them all; they are an exceptionally committed and resourceful team. Whatever the advice in the coming days, I will be in touch again, but for now, I’m so appreciative that your response to all the detailed arrangements was so compassionate and understanding. I am sure that you will have concerns and questions – please be patient and avoid calling the office if you can. We will write as soon as we have more information about detailed arrangements for after the break. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

With love and prayers,

Thought of the week: Bee satisfied! Are you too materialistic? “Blessed are those who put God first; they will be fully satisfied,” Matthew 5 v6.