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HTPD 10/5/19

10 May 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

I spent Thursday afternoon working with a group of other headteachers from local church schools – it was a very stimulating and thought-provoking session. One theme that we discussed was the difference between knowledge and wisdom. I so enjoyed reflecting on our curriculum which has a healthy balance of both. Knowledge is of course essential and children at HTPD love to learn new facts, practise new skills and acquire greater understanding. Do keep asking them to recall what they’re learning…that really helps learning stick. However as well as acquiring a knowledge bank of facts, they also become more and more wise as they progress through the school, learning to make ethical choices, thinking about connections between what they are learning, and applying their understanding to new challenges, thereby living life to the full. This made me smile: “Knowledge is learning that a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad!”

Next week, our Year 6 children will be taking part in SATS, the national tests that all 10-11 year olds across the country will be undertaking. I’m so proud of the level-headed, calm and confident atmosphere that pervades the Year 6 corridor. I’m also delighted to report that our broad and balanced curriculum has been continuing all the way through this week, with plenty of sport, art, and extracurricular activity too. I know that the children will tackle the challenge of these tests with their usual determination and spirit. Please do pass on my thanks to them for their great attitude that’s been on show all year!

In Year 5 meanwhile, excitement is building with the upcoming trip to Brenscombe Farm, the first of this year’s residentials, which begins on Tuesday. Let’s hope the weather improves, especially for the days on the beach! I know that Year 1 are also very much looking forward to their day out in Wisley Gardens – the summer term really is the best part of the year!

With best wishes, Clare

Thought of the week: It’s rubbish…pride! Do you admit your mistakes?


Please turn off engines when you are waiting for children in parked cars at the end of the day. Some of our children with asthma have already started to find the warmer weather is resulting in poorer air quality. Please consider them and reduce pollution around school as much as possible. Think about parking up further away and walking the last ten minutes or so. That would also reduce our traffic congestion problem. Thanks everyone!


Year R
The school nurse is visiting on 14 May and 20 May to carry out the 5 year checks.

Year 2 Handwriting
There will be no handwriting with Bridgit next week commencing 13 May (first thing Monday, Tuesday, Thursday). It will resume the following week commencing 20 May.

Cooking Club
A reminder that Cooking Club is cancelled next Tuesday 14 May

  • Adam Gindrey Kellock, Walnut Class, has lost his tennis racket (Decathlon orange, black and white) missing since tennis club on Tuesday. Please check that it hasn’t been taken home by mistake.
  • Tianfu Liu, Oak Class, has lost his named Keller jumper

Menu: (Week 3 beginning 13 May)
Mon: BBQ Chicken or Quorn with Rice; Flapjack
Tues: Pasta Carbonara or Mac & Cheese; Marble Cake with Custard
Wed: Roast Beef with Roast Potatoes & Gravy or Stuffed Roasted Peppers; Jelly
Thu: Beef or Vegetable Taco with Rice & Peas; Fresh Fruit Salad
Fri: Fish Fingers & Chips or Homemade Pizza; Ice Cream
Available daily: Selection of seasonal vegetables, salads, jacket potatoes and bread. Yoghurt, milk and fresh fruit.


Cancelled Clubs
Due to staff accompanying Year 5 to Brenscombe Farm next week, the following school clubs are cancelled:
Tuesday - Basketball
Wednesday - Tennis
Art Club
Thursday Morning Athletics
Friday Morning Athletics
No Boy’s Rock Choir until after Half Term

Sporting Fixtures:

Y3 & Y4 Girls Football Tournament
Date: Thursday 16th May
Time: 3.15pm - 5.30pm - Parents to help with lifts
Venue: Kings College, Southway, Guildford
Teacher: Nick

Laura Sutton
HTPD Sports Co-ordinator

Menu - Week 3: Available on the website.


Happy Friday all! We are well underway with the summer term, even if all this rain suggests otherwise. Please see below for lots of important information regarding upcoming events.


It may seem far away, but summer fair planning is well under way and will no doubt soon be upon us.

1. Calling all DIY enthusiasts!

We have had a look at our usual summer fair games, and some are looking a bit tired and well used. For this year we would love to hear from anyone who would be willing to create any new ‘festival’ themed games (coconut shy, Strongman etc) for us. We could reimburse you for materials, though please contact us before spending anything. Please email Kayleigh (Kayleigh.ashraf@gmail.com) and Ana (anaxreithsmith@gmail.com) if you think you can help us out, any ideas or suggestions welcome!

2. Match Funding

Do you or your partner work at a company that offers match funding? This is a scheme where companies will match money raised at a certain event/stall that you volunteer at. Most large companies offer this and if you are planning on volunteering for events like the SUMMER FAIR (6th July) we would love to hear from you! Please contact Kayleigh.ashraf@gmail.com or anaxreithsmith@gmail.com.

3. Volunteers and Donations
After half term letters will go out from your Reps with details of volunteering or donations that are needed for the fair so please keep an eye out for those.

HTPD Fun Run
Remember to sign up for the 2019 HTPD fun run on Sunday May 19th at Sutherland Memorial Park. FOPS/Pewley Down will be in charge of running the cake stall on the day. We would appreciate any donations of cakes, fruit or snacks and/or time to man the stall. A signup sheet will be sent out via ParentMail shortly. Contact Kayleigh or Ana with any questions. We hope you can make it and look forward to seeing you on the day!

Year 2 Reminder
There are still unfinished profiles and some children that do not have one for the yearbook yet. The editors need to start finalising the layout so please complete these ASAP. This is really the final call!

Open Air cinema equipment needed:
Do you or someone you know have access to projection and sound equipment? FOPS are planning a new event for the Autumn term which will see the back field turned into an open-air cinema. If you are able to or know someone able to lend us some of the equipment needed please contact Kayleigh (Kayleigh.ashraf@gmail.com) and Ana (anaxreithsmith@gmail.com).

Thank-you to those signing up for this! Just remember to click through the website before you make a purchase and continue earning free money for the school. https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/

FOPS notice board
Please keep an eye on the FOPS notice board (next to the ramp downstairs) for any new events or news. The selling and service section is ready to go (cards are £1 for a month or free if the item is free can be found in office), so if you have something to sell let us know!

Social Dates for you Diaries
Reception: Friday 12th July - 8pm - End of School Year Drinks @ TBC
Year 1: Thursday 23rd May – Drinks Night @ The Albany 8pm


Fun Run
There is still time to enter so please do sign up here and come along for a fun day. There will be goody bags, bouncy castle, drinks and refreshments available. The Fun Run team have done such an amazing job with setting this up and getting local sponsors that there’s no need for you to collect any sponsorship money. Just turn up, run and have fun! A big thank you to Simon, Roger and all the team.

Summer Fair
Thanks to those that came to the meeting today, Summer Fair planning well underway. Please look out for ParentMails and information from your reps as to how you can help. We will be having a second-hand uniform sale so start saving your uniform and any plants or seedlings for the green-fingered amongst you!

Also if you, or anyone you know, would like a stall their products e.g. candles, cards, interiors, etc please let us or your reps know. We have plenty of room for lots of stalls!

Summer Social - is there anyone or a group of people who would be happy to organise an end of term school social? If so, could you drop us a line it would be great to have a celebration of another fantastic school year!

Have a lovely weekend!