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Infant 9/5/14

09 May 2014

Dear Parents,

The death of Leeds’ teacher Ann Maguire has been a huge shock to everyone. I am sure it has touched the hearts of children, parents and teachers alike. It was particularly poignant to me as I am also sixty one and have been a teacher for forty years. This tragedy of such a beloved and excellent teacher got me thinking of my great teachers; people who made a real difference.

There was Jean Raper who was my Year 2 teacher at Busbridge School. She was young, pretty, always smiled and was so kind. She so sensitively told us of the death of one of my friends following a heart operation and gave me stamps for my collection. Then there was Mervyn Webb, my Geography teacher at Godalming Grammar School. I was now in Year 8 and thought homework and hard work was for others. Mr Webb always insisted on the highest standards and kept me on the straight and narrow – even if he did have a quick cigarette in the middle of the lesson. The third was Martin Hyman – Olympic 400 metre runner and my Biology teacher. He was quirky, funny and made subject live, so that I couldn’t wait for the next lesson. Our exercise books sometimes came back with a beer stain as he favoured marking in the pub! He was my inspiration to be a teacher, as Mr Webb was my inspiration to study Geography at university and Mrs Raper for choosing primary.

It is my hope that children at Holy Trinity Pewley Down will be similarly loved, cajoled and inspired. I believe we have a staff who do just that.

With best wishes, Richard

Year 2 trip to Natural History Museum, Tuesday 13 May

Please bring in permission slips and payment (£12.50) for the Year 2 trip next Tuesday, if you haven’t already done so. Reminders have also gone out in book bags today.

Outdoor Fun Club cancelled, Tuesday 13 May

As Maggie will be at the Natural History Museum with Year 2, outdoor fun club will be cancelled next Tuesday.

Year 1 open afternoon, Thursday 22 May

Oak and Beech classes are having a garden party (open afternoon) on Thursday 22 May at 2.15pm. Please come along and have a look at the children’s work in the classrooms.

Extended Schools
I have combined the invoicing for Pewley Down Breakfast Club and PUPS as from 1 April. You should have received the first combined invoice in the book bags during the week. If you pay by Childcare Vouchers, there is no need to do anything different unless you use both Breakfast Club and PUPS for your child(ren) and have vouchers set up for each of the settings. If so, please would you pay into the PUPS account from this month. Please could all cheques be made out to 'PUPS'. For administrative reasons, we are no longer able to accept payments for Breakfast Club on the day. If you have any enquires, please feel free to pop in and see me or email me on bevr@holytrinity.surrey.sch.uk

Daisy Curl has misplaced her black school shoes, with lights on the heel. They have been missing since last week.


Phil the Bag
Thank you for all the unwanted clothes you donated to our Phil the Bag collection. We are pleased to announce that the collection raised £251 for the school.

Ice Lolly Sales

The playground ice lolly sales this term will be on the following dates (unless the weather is very bad!) run by the classes listed:
• Friday 16 May – Chestnut
• Friday 23 May – Walnut
• Friday 13 June – Beech
• Friday 20 June – Oak
• Friday 4 July – Willow
• Friday 18 July – Hazel
Please offer to help your class reps with the lolly sale for your class - they've worked jolly hard this year!!

Save the Date - Summer Fair

Our Summer Fair will be on Sunday 8 June from 12pm to 2pm.

Parenting Workshop, Tuesday 13 May

Dr Samantha O'Reilly (who ran the Parenting Puzzle course with our HSLWs Paula and Lucy last term) would like to extend an invitation to HTPD parents for a workshop she is running next Tuesday May 13th in Puttenham 9.30am - 2.30pm. The workshop is called Update Your Parenting and is a great introduction to positive parenting. More information about the workshop and topics covered are available through this link to her website www.beyondsupernanny.com/one-day-intro-workshop-update-your-parenting. There are currently two places remaining on the workshop. If you are interested and would like to find out more please email: samantha@beyondsupernanny.com