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Infant 2/5/14

02 May 2014

Dear Parents,

Just an ordinary Friday at Holy Trinity you might say but when you are working with children everyday, it has its wonderful and extraordinary moments. Today it was our assembly. There were just so many great moments which enriched all of our lives.

The first was when the children arrived in the hall when they saw the new stained glass windows installed for the first time. Most of them just remained goggling at them as Louise Keiller played the introductory music. I then introduced the windows to the children and pointed out one or two of their features.

This was followed by the childrens feedback to the questions of the week. Ginnie leads this part of the assembly and chose some very thoughtful responses. Children were expressing how contented they felt and whether they were satisfied or not with their lot in life. We were really taken by a response by a child who said she sometimes wanted to be someone else, but realised she couldn’t be ‘because everyone else has already been taken’ – and so she was content. It’s a great concept the idea of ‘being taken’ which can lead us to feel comfortable in our own skin.

The next high point was the song, ‘Father, God/wonder…’ which has the line, ‘Now I am your child I am adopted in your family’. I pointed out what an amazing word ‘adopted’ was, and how wonderful it is to know that God has chosen us to be in his family.

The final wow moment was the first visit of Cloudia Cloudman, alias Sarah Jackson who explained to us all her passion for clouds and how beautiful they are. She explained why they are white and the special beauty of the cirro-stratus cloud.

It was left to me to pull all the interweaving threads of the assembly items throughout the week together. The conclusion was that God loves us just as we are, uniquely and we should strive to attain our highest in all the gifts and talents we have.
So just an ordinary Friday transformed to the extraordinary by being ready to see, hear and experience what God is saying to us through art, through drama, through being peaceful and listening to him.

Do have a great Bank Holiday weekend and keep on listening.

With best wishes, Richard

P.S. Do come into the chapel and spend some time looking at and listening to what the stained glass windows are saying to you!

Teacher-led clubs

Please check children’s book bags for letters showing which club your child has been allocated.

Please can we remind parents to take care not to block our neighbours’ drives when parking outside the school. If possible please park further away from the school, eg round the corner on Pewley Hill where there is plenty of parking.

HTPD Prayer Group
The date of the next meeting is Thursday 8 May, 8pm at Paula Van Der Meulen’s house. Contact Emma Laporte for details (emmalaporte@hotmail.com) – all welcome! Other dates that follow are Tuesday 3 June, from 1pm, and Thursday 3 July at 8pm.

Issie Clegg, Chestnut, has lost her bright blue school sweatshirt – it is named.
Eliana Taylor, Oak, has lost a white M&S polo shirt (named Alexia at the side seam) – missing for some time.


iPad Minis
Over Easter FOPS has purchased 16 i Pad minis for use in the classrooms. These have arrived in school and the children will start using them in the coming weeks. We hope these will provide new and exciting educational opportunities for the children.

Summer Fair - 8 June

If any parents or local businesses would like to take a stall at the Summer Fair for their business, please contact Emily Bourke (emilybourke@msn.com).

One-day NAS Autism Seminar for Families

Tuesday 6 May 2014 from 10.00am – 2.30pm, Guildford
This seminar is designed for families of children and young people with autism, including Asperger syndrome, up to 16 years of age and we recommend that two people attend for each family unit - this can include partners, family members or friends who help to support the family. The Supporting Siblings seminar will help families to: look at sibling relationships and the impact of these within the family, explore ways to increase children’s understanding of their sibling with autism, share strategies and approaches which could have a positive effect on sibling relationships, look at sources of support for siblings. We are offering places FREE OF CHARGE for Surrey families, but ask for a refundable deposit of £25 (payable by cheque) for each two places. Families do not need to be a member of the NAS Surrey Branch to attend, and they do not need to have had a firm diagnosis of autism for their child. Booking is essential. Please contact: Emma Whitfield, Branch Officer (volunteer), National Autistic Society Surrey Branch, emma@mugsy.org Tel (answerphone): 07423 435413

Guildford Cricket festival: 20th - 23rd July‏‏‏‏‏‏‏

This year’s Guildford cricket festival will be held in July between Surrey CCC and Kent CCC and will be a 4-day county championship match from Sunday 20th to Wednesday 23rd July (11am-6.30pm approx) at Woodbridge Road. Surrey CCC have been kind enough to provide free tickets for the local schools in the Guildford area on each of the 4 days. Each school, if they so wish, could have up to 15 tickets for each day’s play although it would be the responsibility of the school to look after their own children. If you would like to take up this offer please contact the school office by Friday 9 May.

Children’s clothing clearance sale
Ati Dalgaard is closing her online children´s clothing shop and having a massive clearance sale on Thursday 8th of May from 19.30 and Friday 9th of May from 10-12 at 1A Agraria Road, GU2 4LE. Why not come along, bring your friends, have a chat and use this fantastic opportunity to make a bargain for your children. Have a look on vixvax.com. If you are not bringing your kids along and would like a pair of shoes it is a good idea to measure your child's feet beforehand. The best way is to get the child to stand on a piece of paper, draw around the foot and bring the drawing.

Interested in Property? Part-time Vacancy in Estate Agency

Curchods/Burns & Webber are seeking a new Saturday Viewings person to show properties to prospective buyers in and around Guildford. Must be a car owner/driver and have a good geographical knowledge of the area. £Good hourly rate of pay plus petrol. To apply please email Mark Collins at mark-Collins@curchods.com