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Junior 17/5/13

17 May 2013

Dear Parents

One of the high points of this week for me was showing a new group of parents around Pewley Down. As always it was brimming with life with happy and engaged children learning in a safe and supportive atmosphere. The group of parents were just blown away by the experience and this was even without our fabulous Year 2’s who were meeting Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Natural History Museum.

There has been a slight delay in publishing the Ofsted report due to the May bank holiday. We now expect to send it out, along with a letter from me, on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. We will follow this up with a parents’ meeting after half term to talk through the findings. I’ll announce the date for that next week too.

In the meantime, we are today publishing the results of the recent questionnaire to parents. I have just looked at the results compared to last year and to be honest they are virtually identical. The only significant change is in the scores for dealing with bullying and children’s behaviour which have both improved this year. The other difference is that we included ‘don’t know’ on the graphs. Please follow this link to view the results. I think next year we may do a more focused questionnaire on a particular subject area or feature of school life.

Speaking of questionnaires I am so grateful to all the parents who logged on to the ‘Parentview’ section of the Ofsted web site before the inspection – a stunning two hundred in twenty four hours (compared to 141 returns for HT and 79 for PD for our questionnaire). You can log in at any time for either school and complete the simple list of questions. It would be great if we now had a large number of Pewley Down parents responding.

As a staff your child’s safety, happiness and progress are three things which are at the heart of what we strive to achieve. I am pleased that so many of you agree that your children are experiencing this during their time here. Nearly all our visitors remark on the happy atmosphere and positive engagement of the children. It really is a great place to work and I feel very privileged to be a part of it.

With very best wishes, Richard

Events happening next week
Year 6 Trinity Trek and Preston Montford information evening Wednesday 22nd May at 7pm.
Fluffy Friday, 24th May – please wear mufti and bring £1

NB. It’s NOT Mufti at HT on Monday. Pewley are wearing mufti for their Summer Fair donations.

Please do get in touch if there is any activity (it doesn’t matter how small—it could be a group of 5 children) you think you may be able to offer.

Aoife (6M) loves any opportunity to write and create stories; she entered two national competitions recently and won! You can find links to her stories here.

PTA (HTSC) Reminders

Phil the Bag – Monday 20th May - Wednesday 22nd May
Phil the Bag is back soon. Please start collecting your unwanted textiles - adult and children’s clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, hats, curtains, towels and bedding (no duvets) Textile items are accepted in any type of bag and in any condition, as those items that cannot be reused are recycled. The more textiles we can collect the more money we can raise, we receive 50p for every kilo of textiles, that’s £500 per tonne. Many thanks for your help! Bags will be sent home with your children next week however normal bin bags can also be used.

Summer Fair - Friday 5th July

Lost and Found
Alexandra Luther in 4N has lost her coat. It is blue with a patch of two crossed tennis rackets on it. If found please bring it to the office. Thank you.
Grace Mitchell in 3S has lost her Keller cardigan, which has her name embroidered in it. As usual, if found please bring it to the office. Thank you.
Sam Page in 3MG has lost a pair of boys’ Clark’s shoes, size 1. Could you look through your PE bags please? Thank you.

Viking Quest - Holiday Club!
The Vikings are coming to Guildford this summer for the annual Christ Church Holiday Club in Waterden Road! It runs from Wednesday, July 31st to Sunday, August 4th and all children from Reception to Year 6 are welcome to join for 5 days of fun-packed adventures, games, crafts, drama, singing and learning about God. Booking starts on Friday, 17th May, and you can either do this online at www.hclub.christchurchguildford.com or phone Louise on 01483 301927 from 8.30am on Friday. All this for just £10 per child for all five days, so launch your longboats and get on board!

For Sale: Apollo FS20 boys bike, black with red and silver writing 20 inch wheels, front and rear suspension, 6 gears £30 Ono suitable for approx 7-10 year old. Excellent condition. Contact Dawn on 01483 566 013.

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