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Infant 10/5/13

10 May 2013

Dear parents

I do hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather of last weekend. It was good to have a lovely May Day Bank Holiday I was up in Leicester with my son Ollie moving him into his new flat – he is getting married in 2 weeks! It was a good rest for the staff who had put such efforts into presenting the school at its very best during the 2 day Ofsted inspection. As I write we are just about to receive the first draft of the report and it should be published on 20th May. We will send it to you as soon as we are allowed together with a letter from myself explaining how the school feels about the report.

It is a hard experience having a group of people coming into the school working tightly to a preset script and then leaving again having made a lot of judgements based on tiny amounts of evidence or historic rather than current figures. We were certainly disappointed that unlike at Pewley last July or HT in any of the previous 4 Ofsted visits the team did not “get” the school or have any desire to do so. I will be able to write more about this alongside the report. One thing is for certain your children did exceedingly well during the inspection they were beautifully behaved, confident, polite and spoke with maturity and warmth to the set questions of the inspectors.

Next week sees two big events for the school – the annual SATs are taking place for Year 6 and Year 5 are off to Brenscombe Farm, near Corfe Castle in Dorset. I know which I would rather be doing if I were a 10 year old child! We wish all of those children the very best for these two different experiences.

With very best wishes, Richard

Fluffy Friday, 24 May
Letters with choices for Fluffy Friday will be coming home next Monday (13th) and should be returned to the school office by Friday 17 May.  This time Reception year will also be included. 

If you can help with any of the following resources please bring them to the office before Friday (24th):

Sarah is looking for large cardboard boxes; Sheena needs egg boxes and Mrs Katmeh and Sue need old keys, beads or anything else which could be hung on a wind chime to make a noise.  Many thanks! 

Club cancellations
Outdoor Games with Rosie (Tuesday 14 May) and Story Club with Sheena (Thursday 16 May) will both be cancelled next week. 

Year 2 trip to Natural History Museum, Tuesday 14 May
Please remember to get to school as close to 8.40 am as possible next Tuesday.  We will be meeting in the playground so don’t come upstairs to the classroom.  We plan to return by 4.00 pm but will be in touch with the school if we are delayed. 

Year 2 swimming
Please could girls ensure that they have a swimming cap in their kit on Wednesdays.  Also, if your child has borrowed towels, swimming trunks or costumes please could you return these to school as we are running out of spares.  

Warmer weather
Please don’t send children into school with bottles of sunscreen as staff are unable to apply it and it can get very messy if children use it themselves; apply sunscreen as necessary before school.  Also, if we do get some more warm weather, please remember to send your child to school with a sun hat and water bottle. 

We do use Anthisan (antihistamine) cream for nettle stings and insect bites.  Please let the office know if you do not want us to use this on your child.  

Class Photos
Order forms for the class photos which were taken today will come out shortly.  Proof copies of the photos will be available in the school office.

Summer Fair
Raffle Tickets:  Tickets for the raffle to be drawn at the Summer Fair on 9 June  will be sent home in your child's book bag on Friday 18 May.  We would be very grateful if you could sell the tickets to family and friends.  However please do not let your children sell tickets door-to-door as children under 16 are not permitted to buy or sell tickets.  There are some fantastic prizes on offer including a Wii console and games, a £50 Boden voucher, tickets for G Live, a £50 Pizza Express voucher, a manicure from PG Nails , a piece of Stella & Dot jewellery and more.  Thank you very much to all the parents and businesses who have kindly donated prizes. 

Jolly Jars & Bottles: We would be very grateful if donations towards the Summer Fair could be brought into school on Monday 20 May.  The children may come to school in mufti on this day.  We would love to receive donations of the following:

  • lots of Jolly Jars (standard size jam jars filled with sweets & small toys) .  These are always very popular so as many as you can manage please!  Help, what's a Jolly Jar? Click here
  • bottles for the bottle tombola - anything from champagne to squash, from olive oil to bubble bath!

Stalls:  Your class reps will shortly be asking you to sign up to help out on your class stalls on the day of the fair.  Please offer to help so that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the fair. 
Phil the Bag
If you are having a wardrobe clear-out for the summer, please hang on to those old clothes and shoes.  On Monday 17 June, we will be having a Phil the Bag collection.  More details to follow.

Mat Luther, Chestnut Class, has lost his named Shackleton sweatshirt.


Half term jazz concert for children - with the Will Todd Ensemble and vocalist Bethany Halliday – 2.30-3.30 pm on Wednesday 29th May.  Tickets £4. Also adults evening jazz at 8.00-10.30pm.  Tickets £10 Booking > essential call 01483 453227 or email info@bardesarts.co.uk