No. 213

05 March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

It’s so good to be looking forward to Monday morning when the whole school will be able to gather together again! After weeks of remote learning, I hope that the children are as excited as I am to be heading back to their classrooms, reconnecting with their friends and being taught face to face by their teacher “in real life”. In next week’s newsletter, I’m looking forward to being able to describe the first few days. Of course we’ll have lots of opportunity to re-establish routines and remind each other of ways that we’ll stay safe, but it will also be a priority to spend time chatting, playing and laughing as we settle back into being a community. Please do talk to your children this weekend in a positive and encouraging way about coming back. There are bound to be some children with nervous apprehension so give them time to share their concerns, and tell them about how much fun they’ll have once they’re back!

There’s been a lot in the national media about “catch up” and the “lost learning” that’s resulted from the pandemic – firstly, that undermines all the wonderful support that you’ve given your child during this time, and it also implies that learning is like filling up a bucket. Our focus at HTPD will be on ensuring that children continue to have a “zest for learning and a love of life”. Of course, as the days and weeks go by back in school, our staff will be expertly adjusting their planning to teach any missing skills and go over any misconceptions, as well as providing opportunities for children to practise skills that may be a little rusty. We’re really grateful that so many of you made time to speak with your child’s classteacher in the past week or so. These parent-teacher consultations have provided really useful information to us as we start the next stage of your child’s education back in school. Please do get in touch with your child’s teacher if you haven’t yet made time to book this appointment.

You might have also heard in the news that households of primary school children (and their support bubble or child-care bubble) are able to access twice-weekly symptom-free covid tests. Primary school children with no symptoms do not need to be tested. These asymptomatic tests for adults can be picked up from designated collection points or ordered online. You may be able to access tests offered by your employer. They are not given out by schools. These tests (lateral flow tests) are not to be used if you have covid symptoms, but by testing for asymptomatic carriers, it is hoped that transmission in the local community can be even further reduced. You can find out more at

I’m sure that you’re all really familiar with the advice about what to do if you suspect that anyone in your household actually has covid, but as we all return to school next week, I’m keen to remind everyone of the essential information. Even with infection levels falling locally, and despite the end of the restrictions being in sight, we must remain vigilant. If your child, or anyone in your household develops any of the following: a new and persistent cough, a high temperature (37.80C and above) or loses their sense of smell or taste, you should arrange for a covid test at a testing centre. No child should be at school if anyone in your household has these symptoms and is awaiting test results - they should only return to school once any test results are found to be negative. Thank you so much for keeping to this guidance – we really do want to stay fully open!

I hope that this weekend is a happy one for everyone with a growing excitement about returning to school on Monday morning; do take another look at the Parentmail that you received from me last Friday with all the details about your child’s bubble arrival and finish times. Try not to arrive too early or too late, and despite the inevitable joy at being a step closer to being able to relax and

socialise again, remember not to gather in the school playground and keep socially distanced from everyone else. Let’s hope that soon enough us adults will also be able to be part of community life again too! For now, having all the children able to return to school is an excellent first step.

With love,

Thought of the Week: Love is not selfish – are you someone who finds it easy to share?


New Gates
During lockdown, we have had new gates installed at Pewley. This is to comply with safeguarding advice and will help to keep your child safe and secure when they are with us at school. They do take a little getting used to; during busy periods at drop off and pick up, we will make sure that the gates are open. Please continue to flow through the lower playground in a one-way circuit, entering through the lower gate, and leaving through the upper one. The gates will be closed during lesson times and you will need to buzz the office if you need to come onto the school site during the school day.

School lunches
A reminder that the school kitchen will re-open from Monday 8 March and will be serving hot lunches once again. There is no need to confirm your child’s lunch arrangement unless there is a change from the autumn term.

Menu: Week 1 beginning 8 March


Dates for the Diary
Monday 8 March - School Reopens - see attached for times/locations for each year group
Tuesday16 March – Year 3 Greek Day

Lunch Menu
Week commencing Monday 8 March - Week 3

Sports Clubs for Week Commencing Monday 8 March
Please see the attached for the teacher led clubs after school. All clubs will finish at 4:15pm. Collect from the lower playground from all Sports clubs and from usual collection point for indoor clubs.


Hello everyone,

FOPS is excited to invite you to a virtual ‘Speed Quiz’ Night on Saturday 27th February at 8pm.

The ‘Speed’ element comes from needing to answer questions as quickly as possible within the Speed Quizzing Live app. Tickets are a suggested donation of £5 per household. More details with how to purchase a ticket will be sent via ParentMail, so please keep an eye out. Once you’ve bought your ticket you will receive information about how to join via Zoom and how to download the app. There will be a running leaderboard so it should be a fun and slightly competitive evening 😊

Easter Trail
We are also preparing the Easter trail, which will take place throughout Charlotteville from Good Friday to Friday 9th April. Lots of houses are going to take part so there should be plenty of items to find and provide some holiday entertainment in a socially distant way. Further information will be sent in a couple of weeks.

Reminder – Recycled Clothing Collection
As per last week’s newsletter, you can donate any unwanted, but clean and reusable clothing for the Happy School Bag Fundraising Project. The drop off date for Pewley is Friday 12th March to the garage of 40 Harvey Road, GU1 3SE from 8.00 - 9.30am and 2.15 - 4.00pm. Please note this is a residential address. The garage is at street level. Please do not leave bags outside the garage/house if the garage is not open.

Happy weekend!
The FOPS Committee x


Hi Everyone,

Well, I’m certainly counting down the days until the children go back to school! There are a few things to update you on for these remaining weeks before the Easter break.

Recycled Clothing Collection – Happy School Bags
We have rearranged the collection date for 15th March – all the details are in the main section of the newsletter last week. Please do not bring anything into school.

Bake Sales – we’re making the most of being back at school before Easter!
Don’t panic, you don’t need to do anything unless you have volunteered to be a baker! Instead of asking for cake donations from everyone, or people to man/sell, we have a few keen bakers per year group who will bake a selection of cakes, individually wrap, quarantine, and then deliver a box of cakes to each class. A suggested donation is £1 which your child can bring in with them and put in the class jar, or there will be an online PayPal payment option if you’d prefer here:

If you have a child with an allergy, we would ask you to provide something suitable on the day of your child’s cake sale (we don’t have access to dietary information). If you would like more information or would like to volunteer as a baker, please email

The dates for this term are:
Years 3 & 4 – Friday 19th March (Red Nose Day)
Years 5 & 6 – Friday 26th March (Fluffy Friday)

Pitch 2020 Fund
Thank you to those who have donated and shared the link with other family members. We are using GoFundMe for direct donations to the Pitch 2020 Fund for families and friends of the school who are able to, and would like to, contribute in lieu of donating at events which we have not been able to provide this year. The fund will remail open until the end of this school year.

If you are shopping online, one way to support the school is through and selecting HTSC Holy Trinity School Community as your cause. Over 4000 retailers are affiliated and every purchase makes a difference.

Second hand uniform
If you have any uniform to donate, or need some uniform please contact her at

To pay for your items, please use the link here to pay via PayPal. Due to restrictions we cannot handle any cash at the moment.

Easter Trail
We are teaming up with FOPs at Pewley to run an Easter trail with FOPs in the local area around the school. More details to follow.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop an email to

Kind regards
HTSC Committee

Please see the below request from one our HT families:
Looking for relatively short term family accommodation. We're a professional married couple with 2 children (one at Holy Trinity junior school, the other at Kings College Guildford) looking for temporary housing. We currently rent on Addison Road and have been looking to buy. However our landlord has sold the home we rent before we were able to find a home ourselves. We would appreciate any help from our HT community in finding a temporary home for the remainder of the school year. Please feel free to contact me, Heather, at

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