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Junior 6/3/15

06 March 2015

Dear Parents,
As educational professionals the school staff are always seeking to improve the way they teach, support and get the children to achieve their personal best. To this end we have an extensive programme of continuous professional development (CPD). This is sometimes specific to individuals or small groups and sometimes for all staff members. Two recent initiatives for all teachers and TAs may interest you.

We have recently invested in equipment to film how staff work within the classroom. Research from the University of Sussex shows that if people watch themselves doing their job up to 90% of them are likely to improve as opposed to about 10% if they are told by an observer about how they could do better. I worked with videoing teachers way back in the eighties when I taught in the USA and have been keen to introduce it. We now have good hardware which videos from two aspects and good software which makes these films secure to the staff member themselves.

The other initiative is working with the theory of personality profiling so we can see staff members’ strengths and challenges and how they might fit into the team. We do this by using the renowned Myers Briggs Type Indicator. This has sixteen main categories and is based around Jungian psychology. This helps us to see how people gain their energy, make decisions, gather information and gain their world view. This shows that whereas I am a visionary starter, Debbie is a completer/finisher – so together we make a good team. In fact the whole team now fits together well with staff who complement each other.

Individuals work hard at developing their skills and responsibilities, for example Geraldine with a librarian course, Cheryl and Claire C middle management and Clare B on school leadership courses. This all produces a highly informed group of professionals. I have recently trained in coaching for executives and educators and this will be part of the work I do after I leave.

Please can I encourage you to take part in HT @ Home. I am already planning my event, maybe a Murder Mystery or a book-based party or maybe a Myers Briggs personality themed party. Whatever it is I will let you know how it goes.
The weather looks great for this weekend – so have a great one!
With best wishes, Richard

Parent Consultations – 10 & 12 March (Tuesday 6-8.30pm; Thursday 4-6.30pm)- the After School clubs' programme will be severely affected. Clubs cancelled are:
Monday Year 5 Netball.
Tuesday Sewing
Wednesday Year 4 Netball
Thursday Hockey, Dodgeball and Cooking
There are no Clubs on Friday except Clubs Plus
The only library based club on next week will be Chess on Wednesday 3.15 - 4.15.

Red Nose Week – What’s going on when?
Tuesday - Year 3 will be providing a Cake Sale at break time to Years 3-6, any remaining cakes will be sold after school.
Wednesday - Year 4 are running an Aerobathon at lunchtime for Years 3-6.
Thursday - Year 5 are running a toy sale at break time for Years 3-6.
Friday - Year 6 are running fun stalls for Years 2-6 at break time.
Children should be in school uniform but may ‘make their faces funny for money’ on Friday 13 March. Don’t forget to bring money to take part in all the events happening throughout the week.

Sports News
• Good Luck to Finnan Waterfield (6SR) who is representing Guildford Academy of Martial Arts in the Irish Open International Kickboxing Competition in Dublin this weekend.
• Congratulations to Fin Doyle who came 2nd in the singles and 2nd in the doubles whilst representing Great Britain.
Parking – Please can we remind you to park respectfully and not to block residents’ driveways or use their parking bays as we have received some direct complaints.

Money matters (payment things – right now the fun income type stuff is down to HTSC and parents with the great ht@home initiative!)
Our financial year end is this month – 30 March – and we would very much like to have all accounts paid up before then. We will send out invoices to all with outstanding balances next week, but please pre-empt this by checking on ParentPay and estimating lunch and club use to the month end and paying for outstanding trips. All credit will carry over. Thanks very much for your help in this.
• Please note that things like Geraldine’s visiting author books are simply put on as ‘available to buy’ per her Parentmail – they are not ‘must buys’.
• Note also that you can bundle items in your basket to pay for in one transaction, which saves us fees. Lots of you are doing separate transactions for the different items at one sitting.
• Apologies for some of the difficulties in processing on ParentPay in the last couple of weeks – they have been doing an upgrade (dumb timing) and this has affected access at times. Some parents have worried that they could end up paying twice – never a worry as we would simply refund you.

Year 6 Yearbook Update - Huge thank you to everyone who came to the Yearbook meeting last week and to those who have joined the Yearbook online. We already have 48 users and 122 photos! If you haven't set up a profile for your child please do it now! Just go to the site http://yearbookmachine.com/ and use the secret word "behaviours23". It will only take 2 minutes – and remember: use your child's name, choose their house as their group, and tick the box to enable their profile. Every child will be in the printed book that will be given out at the end of the year. The sooner you set up their profile, the more comments they can collect and fun they can have with the site. So far we love: The photos from Year 2 and evacuee dressing up day. Some people have added all their classes - from year 3 - great idea! Do go on and have a look! Enjoy! The Year 6 Reps.

Year 6 Yearbook Lunchtime Club - Thursday 12 March at lunchtime in the Year 6 computer area. Come along and get started. A If you already have an account make sure you know your email address and password so you can log in and add to your profile.

Holy Trinity School Community (HTSC) PTA News

Bingo Night – Saturday 7 March – 6-8pm - Please come & join us for a rip-roaring family BINGO night. Please would each person attending kindly bring a small, wrapped bingo prize, costing no more than 50 pence, this could be a sweet, a small toy or something silly! Tickets available on the door, but does not include food. If you have already bought tickets these will be available on the door.

HT@Home - Calling all those who are up for arranging an event /social for your friends and turning it into a fundraiser by asking guests to donate contributions to HTPD. The event can be as diverse as the individuals that host and attend … Some ideas already proposed include coffee mornings, a children’s film night and dinner parties. In the meantime, what HT @ Home event might you like to arrange and host? Have fun planning! …. Funds raised @ these events in March and April will go towards improving computers to which our children have access.

Dates for the Diary
Family Bingo Night - Saturday 7 March
HT@Home – March and April

Found: we have a pair of Boots’ Raptor Brown 130 child’s glasses in the office. Not for the first time!! Please check bags and claim them as soon as you can!

Qualified teacher and HT mum is offering French and Spanish tuition for all levels up to AS level. For further information please contact: louise_hallam@btinternet.com or tel: 07799 858734

Following the Year 3 workshops this week – Yvonne Arnaud have the forthcoming production...Welcome to ancient Greece and the wedding of Pandora and Epimetheus. She's a gift from Zeus but the King of the Gods has a trick up his sleeve…. It's a mad race to find Pandora and the box! Join us, the Gods, Goddesses, nymphs, mortals and mythical monsters on a vibrant musical journey. Act 2 present 'Pandemonium' at the Mill Studio (Yvonne Arnaud Theatre) Thursday 19 - Saturday 21 March Great fun for all ages! It is a vibrant and brilliant musical with HT Y6 Oscar playing Odysseus.

FISH @ Easter 2015 - run by Guildford Borough Council - - paintballing, dj-ing, horse riding, circus skills, quad biking, mechanics and more! FISH will be running at Kings College, Guildford from Tuesday 7 to Friday 10 April. Prices start at just £60 per child for 4 days, or £25 per child for families in receipt of certain benefits. Places are available for young people with additional needs. Families who are unable to get to FISH can access our subsidised Transport Scheme. Come and join the fun. Book now at: www.guildford.gov.uk/fish 01483 444769

Art class with Elena Andreeva. From Monday the 9th of March we are starting the new block of sessions at our Monday art club. There is a place for new pupil to join us, as well. If you wish your child to enrol, please contact Elena on 01483 560385. The class runs on Mondays 3.30-5pm. (1.5 hr). Children learn drawing and painting from observation and from imagination.

Amazing Art Club: Engaging, Creating, Inspiring! @ Holy Trinity Pewley Down School (juniors) £154 for 11 x 2 hour sessions run Tuesdays 3.15 - 5.15pm ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED IN PRICE - Tuesday 21st April -7th July 2015 - Come along and have fun making and doing: from printing to mini books, painting, drawing and more with inspiring artist Sophie Artemis Pitt. Sophie has 2 sons and loves making books and painting (work collected by the Tate Gallery and the V&A Museum) in her studio in Guildford. Maximum of 10 spaces so book early.

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