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Junior 14/3/14

14 March 2014

Dear Parents

We are very pleased that we will soon have three beautiful and interesting stained glass windows in the Chapel. We have recently welcomed Kathy Shaw-Urlich to the school who is creating and making the windows. This is being done thanks to generous donations from Holy Trinity Church and Christ Church as well as a family, long connected with the school. Kathy has done a good deal of local research for the windows which represent the Father, Son and Spirit of the Holy Trinity. Many other motifs including the PD kite and the HT star will be present.

This week Kathy worked with a group of gifted artists from year 3-6. They jointly produced their ideas for the windows and made them together. They have done a wonderful job and these will form part of our exhibition at the official opening of the Chapel towards the end of June. You can see them now in the upper gallery of the Chapel. The windows which the children made are going to be hung in the forum.

Kathy has finished her design for the final windows for the Chapel and is currently getting the glass and lead together to make the windows. She will be doing this in the art room and children will be able to see the project evolving. We are so grateful to Kathy for all her enthusiasm, talent and skill. We will have a lasting piece of art which will hopefully lift the spirits of many children for many years to come.

I am hugely grateful to five parents who have become governors of the school. They are Femke Perry, Vanessa Taylor, Alistair Williams, Susen Anderson and Katie Larkin. They will be in post from April 1st. They bring a wealth of talent and experience to our already great group of governors. It will also be very good to have two new governors who will bring an international dimension.

With best wishes, Richard

Some responses to the question "How do you pray?"
I kneel down and bow my head.
I like to clear my head and be calm and quiet.

Every night when I'm going to sleep, me and my mum pray and say "thank you for the day".
Have you got a favourite prayer? The Lords prayer and the footprints prayer.
from a cool Christian in Nightingale.

I pray wherever I am if it's quiet and I just pray and don't do it any particular way.
I am a Muslim! I have to pray a different way. I sit down and cup my hands.

My type of praying is bowing my head and saying how lovely, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and the angels are.
In my opinion I am sort of good at listening to God's answers.
From a mysterious, magic Mandela

I pray in lots of different ways, sometimes, I kneel and pray but other times I just think in my head. Sometimes I say it out load whilst other times I keep it quieter particularly when I am thanking him for something.
From a weird bookworm in 6C.
PS. Please could Richard and Helen do the Tango in the middle of assembly!

Dear Cheese and Nutella
In various ways; I pray to God (our God not any other one).
No I don't have a favourite prayer, but I really love the Lords prayer and I can make up my own prayers as well.
From a person in Year 6.

I sometimes go on a walk or just walk around the block, if I'm not in a praying mood (if you know what I mean). 
No I don't have a favourite prayer because I make up my own for me, a unique prayer!

I tell God if I am worried or if something is troubling me and listen to his answers, sometimes he replies through other people!

I admit that I'm not really religious and don't really pray - in fact I think I only really pray in assembly, but I guess I do have thoughts. Like when there's a big family argument then I think about what's happened and filter it in my head and then I feel somehow stronger, not physically, mentally (kind of). 
And sometimes when I feel upset or in a bad situation, this might sound silly but I think of a quote (from a book or something) and I think about it and I feel happier and not as sad as I was before. Also when I pray I sometimes ask God if my loved ones that have died are with him.
From a nutty Nightingale in the wonderful class 6C.

Forthcoming events for March:

Tuesday 18March - Bentley Copse Meeting for Parents in the Hall at 7pm

Wednesday 19 March - Schools’ Music Festival at GLive.  Festival begins at 7pm. Further information will follow next week

Tuesday 25 March - Year 6 visit to Wintershall for “Stations of the Cross”

28 March - Fluffy Friday – please contact Alison if you are able to offer an activity or would like to come and help.


Forthcoming events for April:

Tuesday 1 April - Science Exhibition in the Atrium at 2pm (Year 4)

Wednesday 2 April - Earth Summit (Year 5)

Thursday 3April - Easter Service at 9.30am.

Friday 4 April - End of Term (1.45pm close).  No After school clubs

Tuesday 22 April - Summer Term begins at 8.40am.

Parking in Cline Road
Please be considerate when pickup and in Cline Road and please do not block our neighbours driveways. Thank you.

Sportshall Athletics

Congratulations to our boys and girls who competed in the County Finals on Wednesday at SSP. It was a fantastic event involving 12 schools in total; lots of activity, lots of fun and lots of noise! The team got very creditable bronze medals.



At the same time, in the arena next door at the SSP we had the County Finals of the Dodgeball competition. Twelve teams from across Surrey ducked and dived with great zest to battle their way through the matches. A great team performance took our year 5 and 6 boys and girls through to the 3rd and 4th playoff where they achieved bronze medals, well done!



The girls had two good matches this week vs. St. Bede's with the year 5's winning 6-1 and the year 6's achieving a 7 all draw with some great shooting.

Sport Relief
The next couple of weeks see some exciting events taking place at Holy Trinity in aid of Sport Relief:

  • Next week we will be completing our very own Sport Relief mile as each child is involved in our afternoon run/skip/walk up on the Downs during our afternoon PE sessions.
  • Please could each child bring in £1 towards the fundraising for this event and bring something red to wear during their PE afternoon
  • On Friday, we will be clocking up miles in the swimming pool at Holy Trinity Swim Club.
  • We will also be clocking up goals scored during three fun matches to be played between children vs. mums/dads/teachers
  • Netball on Monday 17 March after school therefore no Year 5 Netball Club, but all welcome at match.
  • Dodgeball on Wednesday 19 March at breaktime
  • Football on Tuesday 25 March after school therefore no Year 3&4 Football Club, but all welcome at match.


All of the children can either download a sponsor form here (only print/use first page), or collect one from Reception. Any sponsorship towards their miles or their goals, either individually or as a team, would be much appreciated as the school would love to send off a generous donation to some very worthy causes through having our own sporting fun!

Charity Cake Sale

Thanks to everyone who came and bought cakes last Friday, the children raised £265 which will be split between Harrison’s Fund and the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

Cheryl’s Sponsored Accent morning raised an amazing £202 for Harrison’s Fund.

Surrey Half Marathon
Helen, Louise and Emily completed the Surrey Half marathon last weekend, thank you to everyone who sponsored them and came to support on the day. 

HTPD Prayer Group, Thursday 20 March
The date of our next meeting is Thursday 20th, 9-9.30 am at Emma Laporte’s house – contact Emma for details – emmalaporte@hotmail.com. All welcome!


March March Ball
A fantastic evening was had last Saturday at the Mad March Ball. We estimate that we have raised about £9,000 to be split between the junior and infant sites. Thank you to all those who supported the event by donating auction and raffle prizes, buying tickets and bidding in the auction. The money raised from the raffle and the heads and tails game will be split between muscular dystrophy and cancer charities.

Dates for the diary
PTA/HTSC Meeting - Thursday 20th March 8pm in the staff room
Year 6 Drinks - Thursday 27th March from 8pm in MKB
Summer Fair - Friday 4th July

Sebastian Sangale from 4M has lost his PE kit, which is in his PE kit bag. The string broke and it was replaced with garden twine so it is quite distinctive. If found, please bring it to the office. Thank you.
Rufus Bourke (Oak Class) has lost his black North Face coat with distinctive yellow zip (size XS). It is named. It was probably left in HT playground on Tuesday.

For Year 6 Parents, we are holding a pre Easter drinks get together at MKB on Thursday 27th March from 8pm. We hope that as many of you as possible can make it! From your Year 6 class reps.

Clandon Badminton Club has some spaces for Year 5 and 6 boys and girls to join the club. Training is at Tormead School on Sunday's at 5pm, with the opportunity to play in matches from September. Please email Karen Cruickshank (kazmc33@googlemail.com) for more details.

Becca Clegg (mum to Georgia 6C & Issie Chestnut) will be exhibiting her latest paintings at the Prism Spring Exhibition at Harvey Gallery 10 - 22 March. Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm, Sat.10am - 12noon (closed Sundays) www.harveygallery.co.uk. Prism brings together local artists & makers across several disciplines www.prismartistsandmakers.wordpress.com/artists will re-direct you to their individual websites.

Art class with Elena Andreeva - We have a place at our Art Class (running at HT on Mondays, 3.30 - 5.000. Children learn drawing, painting and composition. If you would like your child to enrol, please call Elena on 01483 560385 (you can also see Elena's works on her website www.elena-andreeva.com).

Week 1