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Infant 21/3/13

21 March 2014

Dear parents

I wonder how we actually improve in any task or learning situation. This is something which educational thinkers are spending a lot of time puzzling over. John Hattie and others have written books which place much emphasis on how we learn successfully and manage to bridge the gap between where a student is now and where he or she is meant to be. Most of these thinkers believe that feedback is one of the most powerful ways to enable teaching and learning.

A useful saying is: “there is no such thing as criticism only feedback”. If we use our critics comments to sharpen our own performance that will be great. For a teacher, giving feedback is a vital tool in the tool kit of moving children forward and bridging the gap. Thus teachers need to know exactly where a child is – assessment and where a child should be – clear knowledge of curriculum and how they are going to enable each child to move from one point to the other. Feedback should give the children clear knowledge too.

This in turn leads us to think about goals and next steps. The end goal should be able to be articulated in terms of ‘master in the skill in…’ At HTPD we are working hard to use these methods to move learning forward so that children have the joy of achieving new skills, knowledge and ultimately wisdom. This produces a climate where errors are welcome because they lead to exciting possibilities of knowledge. Thomas Edison said he tried many thousands of times to find the right material for the electric light filament, he commented that each failure taught him a great deal. An error indicates an exciting tension between what we know and what we could know. Feedback once again is the tool we have to use that tension to achieve success.

We will continue, therefore, to have classrooms where teachers give useful and purposeful feedback, written or verbal, where no student has a fear of making errors and where gaps in learning are closed and new goals set using next steps.

That is the end of the education for today and your next steps are….
With best wishes, Richard

Sport Relief

Many thanks for your support and sponsorship for Sport Relief today – over £500 raised so far. The children have had an enjoyable time taking part in their cycling or running challenges (ask them how many circuits they managed to complete) as well as thinking about those less fortunate. Thank you to Julia for organising so many different, fun activities for us.

Fluffy Friday, 28 March
Don’t forget that children should come to school in mufti (home clothes) next Friday and bring in £1 towards the cost of resources for the day.

JTLYK and Book Club cancellation
There will be no JTLYK or Book Club next week, Tuesday 25th March.

Easter Service, 9.30 am, Thursday 3 April
The whole school will be attending the Easter Service at Holy Trinity Church. If you can help with walking the children down to the Church please let your class teacher know. We will be setting off promptly after registration.

Lunch money
With the end of the financial year approaching we would like to collect as much outstanding lunch money as possible. If you do owe money for lunches please could this be paid by next Friday 28 March.

Nut Allergy
Please ensure that packed lunches (and snacks brought in for clubs) are nut free as we do have a number of children in school with nut allergies.


Phil the Bag - Monday 28 April
We will be holding a Phil the Bag collection on Monday 28 April. Why not have a clear out over Easter and donate any unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, belts, bedding and other textiles to Phil the Bag? The donated clothing is mostly shipped to African countries where a wholesaler sorts them and sells them to market traders at affordable prices. The school receives money for every kilo donated. If you would like more information about what can be collected or where the donated clothing goes, please see www.philthebag.co.uk/faq.html.

FOPS Meeting - Wednesday 30 April
The next FOPS meeting will take place on Wednesday 30 April at 8pm in the staff room. All welcome!

Rufus Bourke (Oak Class) has lost his black North Face coat with distinctive yellow zip (size XS). It is named. It was probably left in HT playground last week.

Menu for week beginning Monday 24 March
Mon: Italian Chicken & Savoury Rice or Cheese & Onion Flan, Cauliflower, Peas; Chocolate Chip Sponge
Tues: Pork (or Quorn) Meatballs, Pasta, Sliced Green Beans, Sweetcorn; Baked Rice Pudding & Jam
Weds: Roast Gammon & Gravy or Butternut Squash Bake, Roast Potatoes, Cabbage, Baby Carrots; Lime Mousse
Thurs: Vienna Steak or Veggie Burger, French Bread, Mixed Vegetables, Salad Bar; Syrup Sponge & Custard
Fri: Fish Fingers or Vegetable Lasagne, Chips, Baked Beans, Peas; Apricot Flapjack

Monday 24th March 2014 Will Todd Ensemble at the Electric Theatre at 7.30 pm
Part of the Guildford Spring Music Festival. Tickets are £15 (£7.50 concessions). Come and enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable evening with jazz pianist and composer Will Todd and his top notch ensemble. "There will be tunes and banter" WILL TODD.

Anyone for tennis?
Free tennis coaching this Sunday 23rd March: Merrow Lawn Tennis Club (Epsom Road, GU4 7AA) is hosting a Junior Focus Day between 10.30am-2pm. Move to the beat with Cardio Tennis (at 10.30am), have a go on the Tri-tennis wall or find out who has the fastest serve… this fun-packed day will have something for everyone – of any age! Junior tennis sessions (for 5-16 year olds) are at 11am and 1pm and lunch and games are at 12pm. Email Mayra Spiring (m.spiring@sky.com) to sign up.

Discounted holiday camps at The Charterhouse Club: tennis coaching specialist Premier Tennis, is offering £30 off its holiday camps for 5-15 year olds over Easter, May half term and the summer holidays at The Charterhouse Club near Godalming. Led by qualified and engaging coaches, the camps take place daily from 9.30am-3.30pm and offer drills, team games, individual challenges and lots of fun. Indoor back-up is available in the event of bad weather. Call the Premier Tennis team on 0845 475 1147 or email info@premiertennis.co.uk to sign up.

Stagecoach Guildford
Fancy joining in the fun with Stagecoach? Stagecoach Guildford is re-launching with an Open Day on the 3rd May. If you want to join in with the fun and make new friends, come down and experience our classes covering singing, dancing and acting! To book your place, call Daniela on 07900 018395 - 01243 585766 or email Guilford@stagecoach.co.uk