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Infant 22/3/13

22 March 2013

Dear Parents,

One unexpected change in our nation’s pastimes has been the formation of choirs in many different places. From television series to the Military Wives, it seems everyone wants to sing. This is also true at Holy Trinity Pewley Down. In the infants the children are always keen to sing and we are hoping to start up an infant choir soon. At the juniors more than a hundred children are part of the main choir with about forty five boys in both the year 5 and year 6 choirs. There are only a few boys who are in both choirs so that means that about one hundred and eighty children are now in a choir. This is about half of the juniors and a remarkable number.

The combined boys choirs will be singing at our Easter Service and early next term will be visiting Guildford County School to learn more singing from our local music specialist school. Meanwhile, about half of our main choir took part in the Guildford Schools Music Festival at Glive this week. We were also well represented in the orchestra and recorders. We were particularly proud of Oz Cliff who was selected as first violin and led the orchestra with flair.

I am so grateful to our team who make these choirs and music such a central part of life at Holy Trinity. Clare Brunet, Sheila Manson, Sarah Davies, Alison Tester and of course our head of music Judy Dickinson. Judy is retiring after twenty years at Holy Trinity; she has been a great class teacher and music leader. Her expertise, warmth and enthusiasm will be much missed. We do wish Judy all the very best for the future. Laura Cheetham will be joining us after Easter and will be increasing her musical teaching time in the next academic year. I have asked her to take on the orchestra and year 5 music initially.

So the message this week is to keep singing, join those choirs and share the joy! 

With best wishes, Richard

Easter Service, Wednesday 27 March

Please try and get to school on time next Wednesday as we are aiming to leave school at 9.00 am to walk down to Holy Trinity for the Easter Service which starts at 9.30 am.   

Comic Relief
The final total for Comic Relief at the infants was £865.  Thank you all so much for your contributions.

Lunch Money
We are keen to collect as much outstanding lunch money as possible before the end of the financial year.  If you owe lunch money, or think you may owe lunch money, please come up to the office before the end of term.  Thank you.  

Please be aware, if your child has red, itchy or sore eyes, that we have had a number of cases of conjunctivitis recently.  

Term ends on Thursday 28 March at 1.30 pm and the summer term starts on Monday 15 April.


Spring Barn Dance
It's not too late to get a ticket for the Spring Barn Dance taking place this Saturday in the School Hall.  Doors open at 5.30pm.  There will be live music and a caller to lead us through the dances as well as the usual bar and tuck shop.  Tickets are available on the door (Adults - £5, Children - £2.50 & Preschoolers go free). We'd love to see you there!

Easter Egg Hunt
The children will be taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt arranged by FOPS at school on Wednesday 27 March. 

Summer Fair - Raffle Prizes Needed
We are reliant on donations for prizes for the raffle for the Summer Fair.  The raffle raises a significant amount of money for the school.  If you know anyone or a business who may be able to donate a prize, we would love to hear about it.  We can offer advertising opportunities in return for donations and sponsorship offers. Please contact Emily Bourke (emilybourke@msn.com) with any leads!!

Today’s Reception Year coffee morning in aid of Stepping Stones DS raised over £110 – thank you to everyone who contributed. 


Are there any singers out there interested in joining a fantastic new ladies choir? We pride ourselves on being a friendly and welcoming contemporary music choir for ladies aged 18+. You can join at any time during the year, it's pay-as-you-go and only £5 per session. On top of that, there's always a free cuppa after and optional gossip! The next FREE session is Tuesday 16th April at St. Peters Catholic School, Merrow. See www.choirbelles.co.uk or call 0845 355 0589 for more info.

Pippa Godsill is starting up her own beauty nail business from home, if you are interested in having beautifully long lasting pretty nails then contact Pippa for more details on 01483 493138 or 07778 961296 or speak to her in the playground.

WANTED: 3-4 bedroom house in central Guildford.  If you are thinking of selling your house some time this year, I would love to hear from you!  Please call Carry Stephenson on 01483 831329.