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Junior 14/6/13

14 June 2013

Dear Parents

I was thinking of that great part of the film ‘Life of Brian’, when Brian is trying to dissuade the crowd from following him. “You’re all individuals” he tells them and they chant it back to him. “You’re all different” he says and again they repeat his words except` for one little man who says “I’m not”, “shush” say the crowd all together.

The fact is that we are all different and we are all individuals. Even our wonderful pairs of identical twins are different. We have one of our values that ‘everyone is treasured and loved as a unique child of God’. This has a great bearing on how we work at Holy Trinity Pewley Down. We aim to treat children with real respect and see them as wonderful, unique and valued. This means that the approach for one child may be different from another child. We do not seek to see a year group of children as an amorphous mass that need to be fed precisely the same diet of learning at the same time.

The educational jargon word for this is differentiation (not the rather tricky mathematical memory from school days). We were criticised for not matching the level of work to a child’s ability in the Ofsted snapshot. The reality is that we are pretty good at this from year R onwards. We appreciate and celebrate difference and diversity be it in learning style, nationality, race or religion. I’m sure that sometimes we get it wrong, but this doesn’t stop our commitment to each child.

Thank you for your continued support of the school and the real buy-in to parent/school partnership. It is one of the great strengths of the school.

With very best wishes, Richard

Events happening week commencing Monday 17th June

Friday 21st June – Year 6 Trinity Trek

School Clubs - A new list is now available on the website.

Clubs Plus
Clubs bills are coming home today with your children – Monday for Year 3s – please look for them in bags.

Trinity Trek
Please drop food and camping gear in 6C on the morning of the Trek, all food and equipment must be clearly marked.

Bentley Copse
A big thank you to everyone who took tents home, they are now needed for the Trinity Trek so please return them to school.

Holidays during school time
Although we have not had the final details yet, we have been advised that head teachers will not be able to approve school holidays at all from September 2013 and that we will be obliged to pass on absences for holidays to the Education Welfare Officer. Fixed penalty notices of £60 per child per parent (i.e. £120) will be issued by SCC. Failure to pay will lead to prosecution.

Sainsbury’s Vouchers
Please note that the vouchers will be collected on Friday 21st June. Please remember to bring them in before this date so that we can place our order! So far, you have collected approximately 22,000 vouchers! Thank you so much for your support.

Year 6 Final Night Out!
Don’t miss our final Year 6 Night Out. Friday 19th July 8.00pm at Bridget Parker’s house (Jessica 6C) 1 The Ridgeway, Guildford, GU1 4DG. Please bring a bottle and nibbles to share. Thank you, Year 6 Reps.

PTA (HTSC) Reminders

Whole School Cake Sale – Thursday 20th June
Please send in cakes/biscuits, things like fairy cakes/flapjacks etc. No nuts please. At recent cake sales we have been short on cakes so please do try and send cakes in on the day so that there are enough to go around. The cakes are sold to the children during school time in the afternoon. Each cake costs 25p so we suggest you send your child in with 50p - £1.00.

If you want your container returned please mark clearly - they will be left at the bottom of the ramp for collection.

We are also looking for helpers on the day, from 1:15 we need a few people to set up and then sell the cakes, if there are any cakes left over we sell them after school. Offers of help to Lesley Wood uniform@holytrinity.surrey.sch.uk

Summer Fair - Friday 5th July
We will be asking for donations of jolly jars/bags, bottles for the bottle tombola and unwanted gifts to be brought into school on Monday 24th June. We will be asking for donations of fresh produce and plants on the day of the fair.

We are looking for sponsorship for a bouncy castle. Any donation gratefully received. If you or your company are able to help, please let Caroline know caroline@swifts.me.uk.

Call Out for Handy/DIYers
We need a Wheel of Fortune game for the upcoming school fair (& all future school events) and ideally would like one made for us, as they are very costly to buy.

We have found a very easy tutorial on how to make one, so we are looking for a handy volunteer who is happy and skilled enough to take the task on. The PTA are happy to re-imburse any costs to make the wheel. www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Prize-Wheel

There is also the option of making a cheap & cheerful version, using a lazy susan but we would prefer the large version above. See here: http://doodlecraft.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/new-and-improved-cuter-super-spinner.html

If you can help us with this task, please get in touch with Stephanie Henley to discuss further on 01483 827453 or email: stephanie.henley@ntlworld.com


  • Holly Rozier in Year 4 has lost a named Green Hollister Hoodie with Yellow writing. She last had it at Bentley Copse but it is not amongst the lost property that was brought back from the site. If you find it, please return to Holly in 4M. Thank you.
  • Navy blue sweatshirt name tag Archie Jones, last seen in 3MG 2 weeks ago.

Piano Lessons
Our piano teacher Lis (Surrey Arts) has spaces at both Holy Trinity and Pewley Down for September. Please phone her on 01276 20095 to arrange lessons.

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