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Infant 14/6/13

14 June 2013

 Dear Parents

I was thinking of that great part of the film ‘Life of Brian’, when Brian is trying to dissuade the crowd from following him. “You’re all individuals” he tells them and they chant it back to him. “You’re all different” he says and again they repeat his words except` for one little man who says “I’m not”, “shush” say the crowd all together.

The fact is that we are all different and we are all individuals. Even our wonderful pairs of identical twins are different. We have one of our values that ‘everyone is treasured and loved as a unique child of God’. This has a great bearing on how we work at Holy Trinity Pewley Down. We aim to treat children with real respect and see them as wonderful, unique and valued. This means that the approach for one child may be different from another child. We do not seek to see a year group of children as an amorphous mass that need to be fed precisely the same diet of learning at the same time.

The educational jargon word for this is differentiation (not the rather tricky mathematical memory from school days). We were criticised for not matching the level of work to a child’s ability in the Ofsted snapshot. The reality is that we are pretty good at this from year R onwards. We appreciate and celebrate difference and diversity be it in learning style, nationality, race or religion. I’m sure that sometimes we get it wrong, but this doesn’t stop our commitment to each child.

Thank you for your continued support of the school and the real buy-in to parent/school partnership. It is one of the great strengths of the school.

With very best wishes, Richard

Friendship letters
Prior to allocating children to their classes for next year we ask you and your child to provide us with the names of four friends from their year group. A letter about this is being sent home today (14 June) for children in Year R and Year 1. Please return the completed letter to the school office by Wednesday 19 June.

School trips, Wednesday 19 June
Year 1 will be visiting Painshill Park on Wednesday. Children need to wear school uniform with comfortable shoes or trainers (depending on the weather you can choose to wear joggers instead of a skirt or school shorts). They will also need a waterproof coat or sunhat and cream (depending on the weather) and a picnic and drink in small backpack. Pirate hats, patches or face paint are optional.
Year R will also be out visiting the Look Out Discovery Centre and need to wear school uniform with comfortable shoes and bring a waterproof coat/sunhat and their lunch with a drink in a small backpack.

Long weekend
A reminder that school will be closed on Friday 28 June (Inset day) and on Monday 1 July (midsummer holiday).

Golden Boot
The Golden Boot challenge (travelling to school in greener ways) will continue on Friday 21 and Thursday 27 June (and not Friday 28th as previously stated).

Year 2 Pewley Dinosaur Museum, Friday 5 July
There is a change to the date of the Dinosaur Museum which will now be open on 5 July – further details to follow.

Guildford in Bloom
The judges for Guildford in Bloom visited us this week to look round the school grounds. They liked everything very much and some of the Eco Team showed them round with great enthusiasm and even gave them a strawberry to eat!


Summer Fair
Thank you for supporting the school so generously with your time and money last weekend. We hope you and your families enjoyed the Summer Fair. We have raised approximately £2,300 for the school which is a fabulous effort. Thank you to all those who ran stalls, donated prizes, jolly jars and bottles and those who gave up their time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to set up and clear away. A particular thanks go to the Class Reps who put in a lot of hard work to ensure we had lots to do and eat at the Fair.

Phil the Bag
This is the perfect weekend for a clear out to make way for all those summer clothes we will hopefully be needing. And, conveniently, there will be a Phil the Bag textiles collection on Monday 17 June. Please consider donating all your unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, hats, bedding and towels to the school. Donations can be brought in on Monday morning in any plastic bag or bin bag and left on the grass in front of the staff room for collection. FOPS will receive cash for every kilo donated which will be put towards school projects. The textiles are then sold on and distributed to people who can use and enjoy them in developing countries, which at the same time saves our environment from the burden of further resources going to landfill. If you would like to know more about the scheme, please see the website: http://www.philthebag.co.uk/about.html

Piano Lessons
Our piano teacher Lis (Surrey Arts) has spaces at both Holy Trinity and Pewley Down for September. Please phone her on 01276 20095 to arrange lessons.

Savannah Pomeroy has lost her Keller house t-shirt. The t-shirt is named.