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Junior 1 June 2012

01 June 2012

Dear Parents

A very happy Jubilee to you all. I do hope you will be joining in the fun and celebration. I was a 1952 baby (which means of course a significant birthday is rapidly approaching). It is amazing to think that Elizabeth has been the Queen for all of that time. There have been huge social changes as well,  the most notable of which, I suppose, is a huge rise in personal income leading to a much higher standard of living. Education standards have also increased dramatically. Learning is now so much broader with children given a wider range of experiences. I suppose the down side of that is that with the very narrow curriculum of the 1950’s (in some subjects) notably numeracy; children became very adept at very difficult sums!

Of course looking back now it all seems idyllic and I think in many ways it was; dawdling to Busbridge School in Godalming along cherry tree lined roads, pausing to call a few insults at the boys in the posh school and arriving to the sound of the bell ringing its welcome. Then lessons seemed to be mainly nature study, as the yellow hammer sang out in the surrounding hedges or another favourite was gardening – the headmasters garden! We also played a lot of cricket.

I am amazed and saddened that some things which we thought were relics of harsh Victorian times have returned; for example a narrow National Curriculum and schools living in fear of the visit of the inspector. There are elements of our present system which really do remind me of Dickens ‘Hard Times’.

So as we celebrate the Queen and all the changes for good let us be really vigilant and not allow systems which stifle creativity and narrow experience rather than opening our children’s eyes to all the wonders and possibilities that life offers them.

With best wishes

Junior Classes for Next Year
Year 3 - Ginnie, Sheila, Maggie/Gillian
Year 4 - Julia, Nick, Mel
Year 5 - Rebecca, Henry, Alison
Year 6 - Mary, Clare, Sarah/Tracey

Teachers will be very carefully choosing classes towards the end of the month and we will announce them on the last Monday of term. Please do not ask teachers for preferences for your child’s next teacher. If you do wish to discuss that matter please contact me, Nicola, Helen or Debbie. Thank you, Richard.

Can you be a volunteer Reading Partner?  Are you interested in joining the team?  We already have volunteer parents who come in to listen to children read first thing in the morning or just before picking up time.    This programme is worth its weight in gold as it takes up very little time and has proven to increase children's reading accuracy and comprehension.  You can come in for fifteen minutes once, twice or three times per week.  For more information please pop in and speak with Lynn or email her on lynne@holytrinity.surrey.sch.uk

Family Softball Event -Tuesday 10th July - pitch off at 6.30pm
Mums & Dads, Boys & Girls, come & join us on Tuesday 10th July for an evening of softball here at Holy Trinity School. We are teaming up with the UKYBA to host this family event -no previous experience needed - just the need to have Fun!  Mixed Teams - Organ Music – BBQ. Please register your players via email to: Richard@ukyba.co.uk



Zumba Evening at HT
Thanks to everyone who came along on Wednesday and enjoyed a fun dance evening, we raised well over £100. Special thanks to Mandy Bloomfield for organising and giving her time to this event 

Phil the Bag  
A big thank you to everyone who cleared out their cupboards and brought in old clothes and shoes etc, we had a huge number of bags.

Jubilee Cake Sale Friday 1st June
Thanks to everyone who baked cakes and for all the help. We had an amazing selection.

Dates for the diary

Summer Fair - Friday 22nd June
Please put the date in your diary and come and enjoy an evening of fun, games, shopping, food, drink and live music by Sax Accord! Children will be able to enter the HT Pentathlon with lots of great prizes.
Raffle tickets will be sent home after half term – please sell as many as you can.   All stubs to be returned by 21st June to the office so they can be included in the draw – or bring along on the night.   Please start making those jolly jars over half term and looking out unopened good quality toys and gifts that you no longer want.  We also need chocolate and bottles for the tombolas.

Would you like to raise funds for the school every time you shop online? If so, follow this link for information http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/htscguildford

Lost and Found:
A set of 7 badges from Girl Guiding UK was handed in to the School Office yesterday.  If you know to whom these belong, please come and let us know.  Thank you.

Lunch Menu Week 3 - See website

Holiday Club - St Saviour’s Holiday club 7th – 10th August 2012.  9.30 – 1pm.  Fun, Crazy Games, Craft, Sporting highlights from Olympic games, messy challenges and much more.  Come along with a packed lunch it’s free!  This year it is being held at Holy Trinity School so there is more space for more fun!  To sign up contact Emma@st-saviours.org.uk or pick up a registration form at school or at the church.

The Charlotteville Street Party on the 4th June will be held in Cline Road and we are delighted to learn out that Rory Kennedy and Charlie Robinson, former HT pupils, will be on the stage in the Marquee.  This is a great community event and we hope you will be able to join the party,  Adults £8 and Children £4 to include Tea Party, entertainment for all ages, excellent Conisbee’s Barbecue and Tante Marie Salads, 2pm-11pm.  Ticket Wristbands available now, but not for long, from Gina on 01483 598420 www.charlotteville.co.uk