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Infant 1 June 2012

01 June 2012

Dear Parents

A very happy Jubilee to you all. I do hope you will be joining in the fun and celebration. I was a 1952 baby (which means of course a significant birthday is rapidly approaching). It is amazing to think that Elizabeth has been the Queen for all of that time. There have been huge social changes as well,  the most notable of which, I suppose, is a huge rise in personal income leading to a much higher standard of living. Education standards have also increased dramatically. Learning is now so much broader with children given a wider range of experiences. I suppose the down side of that is that with the very narrow curriculum of the 1950’s (in some subjects) notably numeracy; children became very adept at very difficult sums!

Of course looking back now it all seems idyllic and I think in many ways it was; dawdling to Busbridge School in Godalming along cherry tree lined roads, pausing to call a few insults at the boys in the posh school and arriving to the sound of the bell ringing its welcome. Then lessons which seemed to be mainly nature study, as the yellow hammer sang out in the surrounding hedges or another favourite was gardening – the headmasters garden! We also played a lot of cricket.

I am amazed and saddened that some things which we thought were relics of harsh Victorian times have returned; for example a narrow National Curriculum and schools living in fear of the visit of the inspector. There are elements of our present system which really do remind me of Dickens ‘Hard Times’.

So as we celebrate the Queen and all the changes for good let us be really vigilant and not allow systems which stifle creativity and narrow experience rather than opening our children’s eyes to all the wonders and possibilities that life offers them.

With best wishes

Infant Classes for Next Year
Year R – Sian, Sarah
Year 1 – Emily & Nicola, Hannah (newly appointed)
Year 2 – Rosie, Sheena
Teachers will be very carefully choosing classes towards the end of the month and we will announce them on the last Monday of term. Please do not ask teachers for preferences for your child’s next teacher. If you do wish to discuss that matter please contact me, Nicola, Helen or Debbie. Thank you, Richard.

  • Out and About and Field Games will not be running on the Tuesday after half term (12 June) as we have some of the new reception children visiting.
  • There is one Drumming Club session left and this will take place on Tuesday 19 June.
  • Lego, Gardening and Film clubs were very popular and therefore children were split into two groups (A and B).  After half term it is the turn of Group B children.

Year 1 visit to Painshill Park, Tuesday 12 June
Please return your permission slip and payment for the Painshill trip as soon as possible – if you haven’t already done so.

Jewellery Design Competition
Congratulations to Abi McNair Scott who won the Simon Pure jewellery design competition.

Bedding plants
After half term we are planning a mass planting session in the front playground and other outdoor areas, so we would love to have any spare, colourful bedding plants you may have.  Please bring them in to your child’s class teacher after half term.  Many thanks.

Year 2
As part of their Dinosaur topic Year 2 are organising a Dinosaur CafĂ© on Tuesday 26 June.  If anyone has a chocolate fountain or some dinosaur cookie cutters which we could borrow, we would be very grateful.  Please contact Year 2 teachers or the office. 



Midsummer Bash - 23rd June - tickets for this event will be issued after half term.

Summer Fair - Sunday 8 July - 12-2 PM
We need lots of help to make this event work. In particular, if anyone is willing to organise and run the bar that would be great. Also, please start collecting glass jars for the ever popular Jolly Jar stall. We are still looking for sponsors for the bouncy castle and Punch and Judy. Please let Louise know if you can help (louise.keiller@gmx.com). Thank you.

FOPS needs a new Chair and Secretary
Louise Alfonsi has very kindly agreed to stay on as Treasurer of FOPS next year, but as Year 2 children move up to the HT site in September, the current Chair and Secretary will be standing down at the end of this school year. If you would like to find out more about what these roles entail, please drop me a line (louise.keiller@gmx.com) and I will be very happy to fill you in! FOPS is a Registered Charity and it cannot operate without a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, so it is really vital that we find a new Committee otherwise the PTA cannot continue to fufil its role of supporting the school through fundraising and organising social events. Please do consider if you could help in this way. Thank you.

Fluffy Gardening
Just a reminder - as some of the children seem to have forgotten by the time they got home - that  the pots they planted up at the Fluffy gardening activity last Friday contain rocket seeds and when the salad leaves grow they can be eaten!

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Charlotteville Jubilee Streeet Party
Louise Chalmers is looking for outdoor toys to go into the Charlotteville Jubilee Street Party 'young children's play area' - such as plastic slides, push along toys, baby swings - if you feel you have anything please call Louise on 457406 to arrange pick up.

Clarks – kids shoes without the queues!
Clarks offer a handy appointments service to have children’s shoes fitted and this year, from July 2012, parents are also able to book appointments online.  This is designed to help parents plan their shopping and take the guess work out of when to avoid the queues.  There are now 4 ways to arrange your time slot: 

  • visit the Clarks website: www.clarks.co.uk/fitting (available from July 2012).
  • telephone your local store, Guildford, on 0844 499 3135.
  • visit your local store to make an appointment or to be fitted there and then if available.
  • call the Fitting Appointment Hotline on 0844 248 8408.