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No 189

15 July 2020

Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Firstly, my final weekly message to the children,

What an unusual term it’s been! It was lovely this week to see so many of you from across all the year groups and start to be excited with you about our return to a full school in September. Thank you to all those who came and said hello. It was great to catch up with you. If you’re feeling a little unsure about moving up into the next year, don’t worry! You’ll all be fine. You’ll soon get to know your new teacher, you’ll enjoy being back in the hubbub of school, and you’ll soon make new friends. Take a look at how adaptable Year 1 have been. They had to move schools, some of them had to get to know adults they’d not met, and many of them weren’t with their usual friends – with smiles and positivity, they’ve all just had an excellent time!

We’re very close now to the end of the year; usually we’d celebrate together and pray for our leavers. This year, we have to do that without being together in one place. Please do join me in praying God’s blessing for all the children that are leaving the school, both those in Year 6 and those in other year groups too. We know that primary school is such an important time and we pray that you’ll take with you our school values, as well as lots of happy memories. Please do come back and visit!

At the end of year assembly, I always encourage you all to have a restful summer holiday. Take care of yourselves and those that you love, stay safe and make wise choices. Look back on the year that’s passed – you’ll probably remember 2020 forever! Try to think about what you’ve learned, how you’ve developed as a person, and hold tight to all those memories of specific happy occasions…each one of you will be able to think of something unique and really special. Be proud of all that you’ve achieved – well done!

And now to our parents and carers:

Thank you so much for calmly receiving all the information about our plans for next term. I apologise for the large number of updates, requests and details that you’ve been sent. We’ve had to put in place lots of different safety measures. I hope it hasn’t been too overwhelming! We think that most plans are now in place for a successful start to the new academic year in September, but if government advice changes, we’ll be quick to adjust our provision to prioritise safety, education and both children and staff well-being.

All of the key information that you’ve been sent will be available on our website in case you need to check it out before the start of term; you’ll find it in a new Covid19 section, and I’ll also recap just before September by Parentmail too.

Do enjoy reading the Sports Review of the Year on our website in the PE portal, written by Laura Sutton, our sport coordinator. She’s also planning to keep tweeting ideas for keeping active over the summer holidays, and she’ll post suggestions on the website too. Your enthusiasm for keeping the children healthy at home has been inspiring!

I’ll send a brief note out on the final day of term, but in case I miss any of you heading off on holiday early, I wanted to thank you again for your magnificent effort during this time. You’ve all kept the flames of HTPD alive with your children thriving despite the challenges that we’ve all faced. You’ve encouraged me to keep going…and I’m excited to be able to look forward to the whole community coming back together in September; what a great day that will be! Thank you for your part in making HTPD such a special place. Enjoy the summer holidays.

With love,

Thought of the week: “Bee loving.” Are you always the best that you can be? “Love your enemies; seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness,” Matthew 5 v.44 and 6 v.33.

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HTPD Sports 2019 – 2020

2019/2020 was promising to be a bumper year for PE and Sport at HTPD. With Laura Sutton taking over as Chair for the Guildford Primary Schools Sports Federation, she had exciting plans for competitive sport in Guildford and with Lucy Dolling increasing her PE credentials at Pewley; together they planned to make a big impact on both school PE and competitive fixtures.

We began the year with new PE lesson plans for Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6 at HT and immediately witnessed their positive impact with children from all year groups really engaging in the new lessons. In January, class teachers began teaching their own classes PE, rather than whole house groups. Not only did the teachers start to learn more about the children on the sports field, but many children enjoyed being taught in these smaller groups.

The first fixture of the year was for Y2 who competed in an exciting football festival at Aldro school. HT were also involved in some early XC races, the children practising extremely hard with Nick at Early Morning Run Club, a big success this year with children from all year groups dragging their parents out of bed to get them to the start line at 8am!

Y6 Young Leaders were trained up and took over running lunch time activities two days a week as well some year group PE events. At Pewley, Little Leaders also did some off-site training with other Guildford schools to help others in their PE lessons. Back at HT Y5&6 football and netball fixtures began in earnest in preparation for the big Guildford wide fixtures coming up later in the term.

School clubs continued to be extremely popular. Y4 netball had a very vocal and lively bunch making Laura’s Monday afternoon's always entertaining, and Emily’s circus skills also proved a big hit with Y3 & 4. JJ’s early morning girls football grew and grew as the year went on and we had to create a waiting list for Paul’s energetic dodgeball club.

Nick and Laura had an early start on Saturday 13th October where 15 of our swimmers and runners took part in the regional biathlon competition at Whitgift in Croydon. This was first fixture to be challenged by the pouring rain (a taste of things to come...) as the organizers had to quickly redesign the course as the track had flooded overnight. Even though the run went from a super speedy 800m on the track to a very slippery, muddy XC many of our competitors went on to qualify for the National finals scheduled for March 2020.

In November we were excited to be awarded the Active School Innovation Award by Active Surrey and after the awards evening we were surprised to learn that HTPD had been shortlisted for the Active School Innovation of the Year award. Sadly, we were pipped to the post and came a very respectable 2nd overall.

Our first Guildford Primary schools event took place in October with Laura securing support from both Woking FC and Kings College, Guildford to organize and host the boys Y5&6 football competition with the same event for the girls the following week. We were delighted that so many schools took part, the level of football on display was outstanding. Yet again, the poor girls really suffered from the weather but carried on regardless. The Y6 indoor netball competition soon followed and again we were pleased to see so many schools taking part, the Y6 team losing out to QE but looking forward to a re-match in April.

One of our most popular and well attended after school clubs is Hockey. There are no barriers to taking part as Mary always has many helpers at hand to offer their support, plus hockey sticks to borrow. This year every pupil who regularly attended club was invited to represent HT in a school fixture. We are immensely proud of these levels of inclusion. Active Surrey held a QuickSticks hockey competition, with slightly different rules and some of our key Y5&6 hockey players won the local competition and with JJ as their coach, went on to represent Guildford in the County finals. They were very unlucky to lose out and came 2nd overall.

This year we became members of Swim England and focused on Y3 & Y4 school swimming, targeting those children who need extra lessons to enable them to leave school at the end of Y6 and be safe in the water.

Spring term is Sports-hall term and with Laura now managing all Sports-hall competitions for the Infant and Primary schools in Guildford, all year groups had the opportunity to take part in this exciting fixture, competing against other schools in Guildford.

We had planned a Spring term packed full of exciting PE lessons as well as fixtures for the younger year groups but alas the rain came, and it didn’t stop. Arrangements were made, lessons prepped and then fixtures were cancelled, and lessons quickly amended. In fact, at one point it seemed inevitable that whatever was arranged would be disrupted by the terrible spring weather...The last fixture to take place was a Y6 netball match at Tormead, memorably cut short by hail stones, accompanied by screams and a stampede to the sports hall! Forever hopeful, Laura continued to get team sheets out and consent forms signed. However, between the never-ending rain and the threat of Covid-19 from mid-February to the 19th March there was a plethora of cancellations. Hockey, frisbee, XC, tag rugby, sports-hall, football and netball – all cancelled!

Ironically, the sun then came out and stayed, shining brightly and fiercely for weeks on end. We continued in Covid-19 conditions and new crazes and catch-phrases filled conversations – Joe Wicks, virtual challenges, lots of walking, dogs getting super fit and begging not to be taken out again! Biking, running, PB’s, indoor sock throwing competitions, the list goes on. All of a sudden children and families were creating their own activities to keep them fit and healthy at home, all in the blazing sunshine.

Summer term brought new challenges and Clare was keen to offer something fun and engaging for our pupils at home, so Laura quickly set about writing a Virtual Sports Week to replace our traditional Sports Day. We had no idea how this virtual event would be received and so took to Twitter to get the HTPD community interested. We were overwhelmed with how many children took part and overall, Laura received over 800 individual results from children trying their hardest for their class, for their house but most importantly for themselves.

Virtual Sports Week highlighted an encouraging trend, as many children were thriving from taking part in these events at home, away from the busy PE class. This spawned Practice Makes...encouraging children at home to choose an activity and practise it every day for a week. Children could feedback to Laura who would reply with advice and tips. Again, we found Twitter to be a useful tool for getting everyone on board and engaged including some teachers who enjoyed going to head to head, or just getting involved.

A new conversation has been started and we will be learning from our experiences and making sure that sport is even more assessible for all. When we return in September the sports calendar will not look the same, and PE lessons will be modified to make them Covid-19 safe. Over lockdown we learnt how quickly we all adapted to these new, unusual conditions and we are proud of how well the children have responded. Joe Wicks is not going anywhere and virtual competitions will be the new normal for a while to satisfy our love and yearning for sporting competitions. I am organizing a virtual sports-hall competition against three other Guildford primary schools as we speak so the future of HTPD PE and Sport remains bright.