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No 188

10 July 2020

Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

Firstly, my weekly message to the children,

I won’t write so many words to you all this week as I spoke to so many of you in our online assembly. It was great to see so many of you on Zoom – and well done for thinking hard about how to keep calm. Reading the book “The Colour Monster” made me think about my feelings. I hope it helped you to think about yours. Do make some time to chill this weekend…reading a book, listening to some beautiful music, or just gazing at the clouds in the sky or watching the wind whispering through the trees. Find your way to relax!

Let’s meet again next Wednesday, this time at 9.30am – it’ll be our final “at home” assembly of the summer term – and then next term, I’ll be “Zooming” into all of your classrooms until we’re allowed to meet up together again for proper assembly.

I really enjoyed seeing our Year 2 children on their final visit to Pewley earlier in the week; it was great to catch up with you all and to pray for you as you move up to junior school. I’m looking forward to all the other year groups that haven’t been able to be in school coming in to collect your reports and pick up your books. I hope you enjoy reading about how proud you’ve made your teachers with your super attitude throughout the year. Many of you have made such great progress…and you’ve been determined to keep working hard even though you weren’t in school. A huge well done!

And now to our parents and carers:

The summer term is always a long one, and certainly this year is no exception! The children in school are doing so well, but we can tell that they need a holiday. Thank you for helping them to keep optimistic and positive. Likewise for the children at home; I know that several families are starting to plan for the summer break. It’ll be good to enjoy different activities opening up again…and most of us seem to be booking a haircut!

Before we break up, I’ll be communicating about the details of September’s arrangements, particularly the staggered drop-off and pick-up times, but also our hygiene measures – following the government guidance and recommendations, we’ve had to make adjustments so that the school is safe. We’re having lots of sinks installed over the holidays to make regular handwashing more achievable. We’re timetabling break time and lunch time so that children have fewer contacts with others through the day, and we’ve had to make the difficult decision to cut back our before and after-school provision. I’m so sorry that it won’t be a return to normal just yet. I do realise the impact of not being able to run a full timetable of after school clubs and I hope that you are all able to make alternative arrangements without too much anxiety. In the autumn term, we’ll keep things under review and get back to running a flexible system as soon as we can.

The finance team are organising refunds for the cancelled trips (particularly Brenscombe Farm and Preston Montford) so do check your Parentpay account. Please do make sure that any outstanding bills are paid before the end of the school year. With so much extra expenditure necessary this summer, particularly having to pay for an extra 20 sinks (!), we’d be really grateful. Perhaps you’d consider making a one-off donation to school funds? Whilst sinks are important, we’d rather not have to reduce expenditure in other areas.

Look out too for a Parentmail about school lunches. We’ll be asking you to book in for the first half term so that we can plan a lunch rota in the hall to ensure distancing between classes. Again, once we can return to normal, we will.

I’m sure many of you are already aware, but at the end of term we shall sadly be saying goodbye to Sheryl who has worked in the Holy Trinity office for eight years! I’m sure many of you will want to join me in wishing her well as she moves to Scotland – she’s been a real asset to the team and is a fount of knowledge about the school’s admin procedures…we do have her phone number so will be checking in with her regularly! Also leaving us is Sarah Jenkinson who has taught cooking for 20 years! She has inspired so many generations of children in the kitchen and we are so grateful to her!

As I’ve said to the children already, I’m looking forward to seeing you all in school again in the week ahead (please do remember to return library books when you come!). Whilst for Years 2-5, it’s not for a long visit, it will make me so happy to catch up with you – and, having grown myself quite rapidly as a child, I’ll try not to say too often, “How they’ve grown!”

With love,

Thought of the week: “Bee calm.” How do you control anger? “Blessed are the meek; they shall inherit the earth” Matthew 5 v5.

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Fundraising book for the homeless
: Some of you may remember Liz Pomeroy and her family. During lockdown, she has been supporting a local author and illustrator, Jack Mahon who is currently homeless. Working alongside Jack, she has published a book, “The Lost Owl” which features his artwork to raise funds for him. If you would like to purchase a copy (£5) please email her (liz@the-poms.com).