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Infant 5/7/13

05 July 2013

Dear Parents

I wonder if you are the kind of person who wants to know everything about yourself and your children or whether you prefer to let life drift on without those facts. All our health records are now open to us to read but few of us choose to read them.

The school has some records and grades about your children and all of these are open for you to read and discuss. These are reading and spelling ages measured in September and February, National Curriculum levels and sub levels in Reading, Writing and Maths. These are calculated in March, June and December. Teachers are also prepared to state which fifth of the class the children are in in general academic ability.

So please feel free to ask for these figures if you would like to and we will give you the most up to date data. On this year’s reports we will be stating whether your child’s ability in Maths, Reading and Writing are above, below or the same as national averages. This will be accompanied by a chart which converts that phrase to National Curriculum levels and sub levels. The chart will also show how an average ability child proceeds through the levels at different ages. Of course children do not necessarily make progress in straight lines and these levels are inevitably a crude measure of what is a highly complex body of interlinked knowledge and skill.

We are also introducing a system of long term targets for children at this time. By the end of next week your child will have been given these – they are in the reports as ‘next steps’ in Maths and English and also stuck into your child’s learning journal. Your child should be able to tell you what they are, but maybe not till next term. These targets will be reviewed in November and new ones set with you. The process will be repeated at the parents evening in March.

We are thus seeking for you to be better informed and involved in your child’s learning journey. I think that together we make a great team!
With best wishes, Richard

Sports Day, Tuesday 9 July, 9.20 am
Parents are invited to our Sports Day next Tuesday morning.  Please meet us on the field after the children have been registered in their classrooms.  Children should come to school on Tuesday in their PE kit (house t-shirts, shorts and trainers) so please remember to take sports kit home on Monday afternoon. As the weather is likely to be very warm they must also bring a sun hat and water bottle.

Year 2, 10 & 11 July
Year 2 children will be visiting Holy Trinity next Wednesday and Thursday.  They should be dropped off in the hall between 8.40 and 9.00 am and collected from the lower playground (adjacent to Cline Road) at 2.40 pm.  The parents’ meeting is on Thursday evening, 7.00pm in the hall.

Year 2 Dinosaur Exhibition
Today’s Dinosaur Exhibition was a brilliant celebration of learning at its best driven by the children’s enthusiasm and excitement.  Thank you to Year 2 parents for coming to support the exhibition and to Year 2 children for all their hard work. 

Leavers’ Year Book 2013
If you would like to purchase a copy of the Year Book, please return your order form to the school office as soon as possible.  Additional order forms are available from the school office.  Thank you.
Hot weather
A reminder that children should not bring sun cream into school as we are unable to apply it for them and it can get very messy if they apply it themselves.  Please apply sun cream before they come to school as necessary.  Children do need to have sun hats and water bottles in school every day.
Year R
If anyone has any dolls, dolls clothes, plastic tea sets, play food, cots, Duplo, Lego, three wheeler bikes or scooters, small metal cars, trucks, small plastic animals, complete jigsaw puzzles, or small pushchairs …Reception year would be very grateful.  Thank you, Sarah and Sian.
We are pleased to welcome Mehreen who is joining the PUPs after-school club as our new Deputy Manager.
Sainsbury’s vouchers
We have now sent off our Sainsbury’s Activekids vouchers and will be receiving new PE equipment in due course.  Many thanks to Dawn Holloway for counting the 19,175 vouchers!


Volunteers Needed!

All parents, guardians, teachers and non-teaching staff are automatically members of FOPS and we endeavour to provide as many opportunities as possible for the children, parents and teachers at the school to get together and have fun.  FOPS also makes a significant contribution to funding school projects.  Thank you for all the support we have received this year.  Inevitably at the end of the academic year we are looking for willing volunteers for the next year.  Please consider getting involved.  

The class reps have done a fabulous job this year organising class lists, coffee mornings, nights out and keeping us informed about FOPS events.  We really can't manage without them.  We are now looking for volunteers to be class reps next year.  Thank you to Lucie Isaacs and Sarah Williams (Hazel) and Emily Young (Oak) who have already signed up!  We are looking for two reps for each class.  If you would like to know more about what the class reps do or would like to volunteer, please speak to Emily Bourke (emilybourke@msn.com). 
We are also looking for volunteers to take over the position of Chair and Treasurer.  If you think this could be for you, please have a chat with Emily. 
Finally, thank you to Clare Stone, who has done a fantastic job looking after Second Hand Uniform sales this year.  This is not a very time consuming job and doesn't require attending any meetings!  If you would be interested in taking over this role, please speak to Clare or Emily. 
If you would like to buy any second hand uniform before the end of term, please speak to Clare who would be happy to help. 

Piano Lessons
A few slots available for the Autumn term 2013.  Music reading and basic theory taught.  A fun introduction to playing the piano.  Beginners very welcome.  Contact David Hyde on 01483 237141, or via e-mail on waggydee@btinternet.com.

Violin lessons at Pewley Down School
Surrey Arts provides school-based instrumental and vocal tuition for children in the county.  Pupils can be taught in school and receive 10 lessons each term.  Surrey Arts also offers a wide range of ensembles in which your child can play as soon as they are ready.  We have a few new spaces for pupils wishing to start violin lessons from September 2013.  If you are interested in your child taking lessons, we need your application soon. Please apply on-line at the Surrey CC website or
Surrey Arts - Music homepage Charlotte Ford - Surrey Arts Violin teacher.