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Infant 25/01/13

25 January 2013

Dear Parents,

The snow delayed the handover of the Chapel by a few days and this will now take place on Monday afternoon. Everyone is so excited and can’t wait to use it. From Tuesday do have a look in. We are still waiting for the bridge link to the year 6 corridor and the glass building around the lower entrance and the music room.

We hope very soon to put the school development plan (SDP) on the website. This is a key document written each year in June. It sets our main priorities for the year. This year’s SDP highlights two curriculum areas for special attention; these are boys writing and maths. We are working very hard in both of these areas to maintain and then improve our progress. We are also thinking hard about how precisely we work with children with special needs and learning difficulties. Over the next few weeks I will write more about these subject areas and school departments.

With best wishes,

Dear Parents/Carers
Had you ever wondered who the school’s governors are and what we do? If so, read on. We are a group of 22 people - all of whom are staff, current parents or past parents – with a real commitment to working together to help Holy Trinity Pewley Down give our children the best possible start in their primary education. Have a look on the website to find out more about us and the range of experience and interests we bring to our role.

Governors’ responsibilities fall into 3 main areas:

  • To provide strategic direction to the work of the school
  • To support, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school
  • To hold the school to account for standards achieved and the quality of education

We carry out our role through the main governing body and a range of sub committees covering key areas – Learning, Staffing, Finance, Every Child Matters and Admissions. Governors visit the school regularly and many contribute their specialist professional skills to the life of the school as well. We’re planning some brief reports in subsequent newsletters on what we’ve been doing this term. You’ll see that we are fortunate enough to have a schools’ architect, a surveyor and a health and safety specialist amongst our governors – to name but a few!

Elections for parent governor vacancies do come up from time to time – we let you know when they do. If you have any queries about the work of the governing body, please drop me an email at ukpeppers@msn.com.
Yours sincerely
Deborah Pepper, Vice Chair

Cooking and Culture Club
A reminder for those children doing Cooking and Culture Club to bring in their £3 to the office.

Key rings
The number of key rings on children’s book bags seems to be increasing rapidly. Although the children love to have them, they can make it difficult to close the drawers and can also be quite a distraction. If this applies to you, please could you have a word with your child and agree to limit the number of key rings on their book bag to allow their drawer to close easily. Many thanks.



The next FOPS meeting will be on Monday 28 January at 8.00 pm in the staff room. All very welcome!

Thomas Edwards, Walnut, has lost his black school shoes size 12 1/2 G with 2 velcro straps. They are named on the tongue and on a sticker on the base. Thomas came home wearing a similar pair of shoes in size 12H. Please could parents in Year 2 check that their child is wearing their own shoes.

Tabitha Hill-Price, Walnut, has lost one black ‘Parallel’ ski glove. She has 2 left hand gloves, so someone must have the right hands.

Menu for week beginning Monday 28 January

For sale
Owing to house move on 8 February I have a nearly new pool table, a hamster cage, outdoor all weather rabbit run and a pine wardrobe available for sale. Any offers appreciated. If you are interested please contact Lisa Berg: lisa.berg1@ntlworld.com