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Infant - 6 January

06 January 2012

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year and welcome back for the spring term. I do hope you had a great Christmas, taking time to relax with your families.

Now we are back for the all important middle term. This is when children make most measurable progress during the year. So we do hope there is little time lost during this important term.

We are suffering under the difficulty at the juniors of having almost no internet or server connection. This means we are all thrown back on our own resources and it is quite a challenge. Luckily at the infants we are still connected so we upload this newsletter there.

On Tuesday I was working preparing the in-service training for staff the following day. Then we had a five hour power cut. Of course all my work was lost and I had to start again. It’s amazing how dependent we are on power and computer connection and how we are only aware of that when it’s not working.

It reminds me of the old Joni Mitchell song: “Big yellow Taxi” with the line – You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Maybe if we thought more about this we would cherish friends, family, freedom, health, employment and peace more.

The attitude of being thankful for these things is a great way to enter the New Year. I do hope that it’s a really good one for you and your family.

With Best Wishes
Richard Rowe



There is a meeting on Monday 9th January at 7.45pm in the Holy Trinity School Hall to talk about the subject of Self Esteem and Child Participation in the school. Please come along if you would like to air your views on this subject. I have been so pleased to receive a good many emails and it would be great if we can all share together.

Thank you

Very many thanks for all the Christmas cards and gifts received by staff at the end of last term, especially the lovely hampers for the office and kitchen staff. All your kind thoughts and wishes were very much appreciated.

Closing date for primary applications: 15 January 2012

If you have a child due to start school in September 2012 or a child in Year 2 transferring to junior school the deadline for applications is 15 January. Although Pewley Down is federated with Holy Trinity it is still necessary to complete an application form for entry to Year 3.
If you have not already done so, you will need to complete the Surrey County Council application form, ideally on-line: www.surreycc.gov.uk/admissions. Paper copies are available by ringing 0300 200 1015.
In addition, applicants to Reception should complete the Pewley Down supplementary form and applicants for Year 3 should complete the Holy Trinity supplementary form and return them to the relevant school office.

Teacher-led clubs

You should now have received a letter about teacher-led clubs for this term via your child’s book bag. These should be returned by Wednesday 11 January and the clubs themselves will start the following Monday,16th. Please make sure that you include your child’s name on the form.

HTPD Prayer Group

The date of the next Prayer Meeting is Monday 16 January, 1.00 pm at Emma Laporte’s house. Come and enjoy lunch together, children welcome. Contact Emma for details: 07947 712542.

Drum Workshop

Jack Toy came in for an exciting drumming assembly last term. He will now be offering a drumming club for Year 2 children including drum kit playing, hand percussion, group drumming, world rhythms and popular genres. The club will take place on Tuesdays 3-4pm starting at the end of January at a cost of £60 for 10 weeks. Please contact the office if you are interested.


Thank you for all the orders for the Christmas Play DVD. We will get your copy to you as soon as possible, hopefully towards the end of next week.

Next FOPS meeting will be on Wednesday 18th January at 8 PM in the Staff Room. We will be planning ahead for events this term and next, so please come along and share your views/ideas. Open to all, not just class reps!