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Infant - 20 January

20 January 2012

Dear Parents

Facing your fears is the theme of our assembly and thoughtful times next week. The First World War poet, Wilfred Owen, is our hero and our Bible story Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane that he should not have to suffer death on a cross.

Wilfred Owen had to return to the trenches after being invalided out. He was killed just before the armistice.

I wonder what fears you have, rational or irrational? I have to admit to a fear of Ofsted; the thought that someone just coming in for a day or so has the power to seriously criticise years of dedicated hard work by a great team just because the narrow data they measure us by is not as required for a year.

I also fear retirement in a way (though it is still 3 or 4 years away). What will I do? Will it be ok?

Now there are solutions to both those; cool rational thought, careful preparation and mentally being ready for the fear whenever it comes. In this way the fear is changed into a challenge that we know we have the strength to face.

Irrational fears, spiders, feathers, zips, clowns or cats, can be successfully helped by therapy and gradual exposure.

It sometimes falls to us as teachers to talk through some of these matters at school. As a school we tell the children about Jesus, who faced his greatest fear - separation from his Father, God; he finally conquered both fear and death.

So now I need to learn to practise what I preach when I see the men/women in grey suits, armed with clipboards walking down the school drive one Monday morning very soon . . .

With best wishes, Richard

Diary dates
An up-dated hard copy version of the one-page 2011/12 diary dates will be coming out next week.  There are a few changes.

Lunch Cards
A reminder to come up to the office and pay for a new lunch card if your child needs one.

Last term the Year 1 classes held a second hand book sale (organised by Rowan Todd and her mum) in aid of the Royal National Institute of Blind People.  The sale raised £65 for the charity, so thank you very much for your contributions.

• Lucy Harrison (Beech Class) has lost her woollen ‘cat’ hat.  The hat is named.
• Isabella Clegg (Willow) has lost a pink hat (named Georgia Clegg). 



What your money is being spent on ....... !

Thank you for all your support so far this year. We thought it would be good to let you know what FOPS money is being spent on this year. Firstly we donated £500 to each year group to spend on lots of lovely things which have included, for Year R, a wirework igloo (a versatile playhouse for the garden)(role play), a new garage and road track (small world toy), a new dolls house (small world), a bamboo building blocks set for inside (construction), a pre-writing motor skills set (fine motor skills), easi-grip scissors (physical development), colour paddles (science),  pond nets (water play), magnets and magnetic chips (science), a parking sensor!  (ICT and role play) and food colouring catering packs (for making playdough), and for, Year 1, 30 talking points (which are little recording machines for the children to record themselves speaking. They can then play back their recording for others to listen to), 1 big camouflage den set for use outside, a set of 10 headphones to fit the computers , 2 CD players, one for each classroom, with headphones for listening to stories etc.. Year 2 are still currently deciding, but likely spend will include lots more Lego.

A major expense for this year is the re-lining of the school pond, which had sprung a leak. This work is currently underway so that your children will be able to enjoy pond-dipping again in the spring. We have also just approved a large sum of money for a complete overhaul and refurbishment of the Year R area to include the replacement of some very dilapidated ceilings. This will benefit both children and teachers, creating a much more pleasant learning and working environment.

Once again, thank you so much for all your support for FOPS fund-raising and events. The money we raise is being spent to bring lots of lovely extras to your children's learning experience and to support the school's current development plan through refurbishments which benefit everyone.

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY .......  Our next Family Event will be on Saturday 24th March, from 5-8 PM for Pig-Racing and a fish and chip supper, amongst other delights ! Please try and keep the date free for a fun early evening family event. More details to follow .....

Tea Towels
There are still a few Pewley Down tea towels available to buy - £4 each or £10 for 3.


Charlotteville Jubilee Street Party Bingo Night Friday 27th January
The legendary Bingo Host Jez Moon will be back on Friday 27th January 18.30 onwards at Holy Trinity School Hall.  Tickets £7.50 adults, £5.00 children inclusive of a Fish and Chip Supper.  Bring your own bottle or two. Tickets available from Pippa Mitchell 01483 578446 / 07852 235247.

Guildford Spring Music Festival, 18-24 March 2012
GSMF is offering a whole week of exciting and varied concerts at easily affordable prices and without the need to travel out of Guildford.  Every concert will feature local performers both amateur and professional. Most concerts take place at the Electric Theatre with a few in the Guildhall and the Organ Series at local churches. Ticket prices: Lunchtime £8 (£4 concessions); Evening £14 (£7 concessions).  Multiple booking discount. For further details go to: www.gsmf.org.uk. A number of the performers are either past pupils or parents of pupils at Holy Trinity Pewley Down: Jonathan Hennessey Brown and Emma Blanco of the Santiago String Quartet,  Will Todd and Jonathan Veira.