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HTPD 8/2/19

08 February 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

On Thursday this week, I spent the day in London at the annual conference for educational leaders in Church of England schools. It was an inspiring day, especially so when being challenged by the Chaplain of the House of Commons, the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin to remember that education only matters if we educate for children to flourish more fully as humans. You’ll all know how much that resonates with me, and with the values of HTPD as we endeavour to “Learn to Live”. It was interesting to hear Damian Hinds, the education secretary, speak about character education. He introduced a new focus on five aspects of building character, and I was pleased to see that we already prioritise many of these areas: sport, performing, creativity, volunteering / membership of organisations, and learning about the world of work. Perhaps we should invite him to Guildford!

We were all so grateful to you for your overwhelmingly positive response to the Ofsted Parentview survey last term. It was amazing to see so many submissions come in overnight; we had over 160 responses before the inspector concluded her visit. She was astonished!

This year for our annual parent and carers survey, rather than repeat those same Ofsted questions, we have put together a survey to find out about your views around some of the other important areas of school life. This will be particularly helpful when we receive a visit next term at the junior school from SIAMS – the inspection of church schools. It will also give us an important view of how we’re doing with our broad curriculum and provision of wider opportunities. I’d love to hear from you about whether you feel that our values make a difference to the way we are. Please feel free to complete the survey by following this
link – I’ll keep the survey open until after half term. Thank you so much for taking the time to reflect.

Do remember that next Friday is Fluffy! If you have any spare time during the day, do come along and join in. Just let your child’s class teacher know. Thank you too for the £1 donation which your child can bring in next Friday – it provides us with the necessary funds to keep this event running. The range of activities on offer this term is just great; I’m so grateful to the staff team for going the extra mile. It’s sure to be another fantastic day!

With best wishes, Clare

Thought of the week: The Magic of Sharing – are you greedy or grateful?


Parent Workshops
The parent workshops will continue after half term (details below) and all parents/carers/grandparents are invited to attend. Please email us at lucyc@htpd.surrey.sch.uk if you will be attending and have not already let us know, or just turn up on the day. Workshops take place in the hall at Pewley Down.

Wednesday 27th February 9am-10:30am: Discipline and Rewards Wednesday 6th March 9am-10:30am: Helping your child name and cope with feelings.


Spring Term Languages Coffee Morning, Tuesday 12 February, 9.00-10.00am, Pewley Down hall
If you or your children are bi-lingual, multi-lingual or speak English as an additional language, please join us in the hall on Thursday 12th for coffee and a chat. Maths and English teaching resources will be available for you to look at, and you will also be able to find out more about how children learn at Pewley Down. If you don’t speak another language but would like to come along you are very welcome.

Lego Club cancellation
Unfortunately, Sarah has had to cancel Lego Club next Tuesday 12 February.

Bedtime Story, Wednesday 13 February, 5.15-6.00pm
We look forward to seeing you at the Bedtime Story on Wednesday. Children (wearing their pyjamas, onesies etc) should go straight to their classrooms on arrival for a story with their teacher. Parents are invited to the hall where FOPS will be providing refreshments and running a second hand uniform sale (see FOPS News below). Tom Everard, our on-line safety expert, will also be available to talk about his top e-safety tips.

Fluffy Friday, 15 February
Please don’t forget your £1 contribution towards costs for Fluffy Friday next week.

Learn to Live Week Tuesday 26 February – Friday 1 March
All year groups will be taking part in Learn to Live Week after half term and we are planning lots of interesting and exciting activities relating to our school values. Children will be working in their house groups during the morning from Tuesday 26 February until Friday 1 March. They should come to school in house t-shirts, trainers and jogging bottoms from Tuesday to Friday that week. On Friday the 1st of March there will be the opportunity to attend a parents work shop (with tea and cake!) at 2pm in the chapel at Holy Trinity. This will be on internet safety and building children's independence. It will mainly be targeted at the junior school age range but all parents/carers are welcome.

Violet Bruce, Willow Class, has lost her named tights - missing since Boogie Pumps on Monday.

Menu: week 2 beginning 11 February


Learn to Live Week, Monday 25 February – Friday 1 March
All year groups will be taking part in ‘Learn to Live Week’ straight after half term. Children will be working in their house groups each morning and will then be back in their own class for afternoon lessons and problem solving. Each morning will focus on a different school value with some great learning experiences and exciting activities to be enjoyed by all.

For one day that week, the children will be off-site on the downs and Guildford and will need a packed lunch.

The day your child will need a packed lunch is as follows:
Monday 25 February Mandela
Tuesday 26 February Shackleton
Wednesday 27 February Keller
Thursday 28 February Nightingale

On Friday 1 March we are inviting parents to come in between 1.15 and 2pm to visit their child’s class and see some of the problem solving activities that they have been working on during the afternoons. At 2pm there will be a short workshop (with tea and cake!) for parents to attend which will be in the Chapel and will finish by 2.45. This will be on internet safety and building children’s independence.

At the Juniors children will wear normal school uniform for this week.

Cancelled Clubs
Wednesday 13th - Book Club for Years 3 & 4

Week 2 (follow this link)


We will be running a SECOND HAND UNIFORM SALE at the Bedtime Story on Wednesday 13th February so please bring some change with you.

*Also if you should have at home any school uniform your child has outgrown then please bring it to the school so we can add it to our sale. Thank you!

Please do remember to go through Easyfundraising website or the app before you make any online purchase. We currently have 108 registered users but only half of them are raising money. One online grocery shop can make £0.50 - do that every week, that is £2 a month for one family only! https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/

Next week’s Playground Sale is:
Friday 15th February - Oak (also fluffy Friday) - don't forget to bring your change!

Social dates for your diary

Monday 11th March - 9am - Coffee morning @ TBC
Friday 29th March - 8pm - End of Term Drinks @ TBC
Friday 12th July - 8pm - End of School Year Drinks @ TBC

Year 1
Friday 1st March - 8pm - Parents Drinks @ Rogues Bar
Thursday 21st March - 9am - Coffee morning @ Cafe Nero (North Street)

Are you looking to rent, sell or buy your property? Cavender Estate Agents have been supporting our fundraising events for a few years now and they will give our school £500 if you should complete a sale of your property through them or alternatively if you let your property through Cavender they will donate £250 when the tenancy commences. Just don't forget to mention your connection to the school!


Nearly half term, and that’s half the school year done !

Thank you to those of you that make it this far through the newsletter each week! We realise it is a long scroll down to where the HTSC information is – so we appreciate you making the effort.

And thank you for those that came to the HTSC meeting at Rogues. We really do need the whole school support for these meetings – it’s where we talk about what to spend the money on, what events we can hold, and how best to share the workload. So it is really important we get the input of as many of you as possible – it’s not just for the class reps and committee. And it is a great way to meet people from across the school and get involved with the place where our children are for nearly 7 hours a day! The next two meetings are in the diary – 13th March and 8th May, where we will be talking about the Summer Fair.

Talking of which, due to a few internal clashes we have had to change the date of the Summer Fair – it is now on Friday 14th June. We realise that this is the same weekend as Pewley but it is the only option we have. For those of you with children at both schools, maybe think of it as one week of donations and a weekend of Fairs, and then you are done!

It is the Y5 cake sale next week. It is on THURSDAY and is Valentines Day as well. If you are in Y5 look out from a message from your reps asking for contributions – home baked or shop bought! Cakes, biscuits, whatever you can manage. Just remember NO NUTS please.

And once Y5 children have bought what they want, the rest will be on sale at pick up – so remember to send your children in with a £1.

You should have received a ParentMail about Quiz Night, which is on Saturday 2 March. So start brushing up on your general knowledge and getting your teams together. It’s a fun night, and even if you don’t know any of the answers there is a Raj Doot curry and a bar! Send in your cheques or cash to the office - £13.50 a ticket, with your name, child’s name and class, and your email address. We will be emailing confirmations, not issuing tickets.

Have a great weekend.