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Infant 17/4/13

19 April 2013

Dear Parents,

A new term, the first signs of some warmer weather and a real feeling of expectation at Holy Trinity Pewley Down. We are looking forward to an exciting summer with many trips, visits and summer experiences planned.

On a school level we are excited that both Rebecca and Henry’s wife, Juliette are expecting babies and Hannah, Nick and Mel are all going to be married to their respective partners. 2013 is also proving to be a momentous year for me with a lovely new granddaughter, Lois, in January and Ollie and Esther are both getting married in May and August.

School should be a real mix of social community where everyone works for the good of each other along with precise and solid hard work and clear lessons which enable children to make rapid and sustained progress. These two functions could be seen to be in tension in some schools or out of balance. At HTPD we work very hard to give our very best to our family feeling as well as working as true professionals in our teaching.

It has been good to observe happenings in our Spanish partner school this week. Wonderful families warmly welcoming our children and innovative ways of delivering an exciting curriculum. Our children were outstanding ambassadors for our school, right down to being willing to learn to use some Spanish phrases to communicate.

So the message is that we will strive to continue to run a well-balanced school. Where we happily celebrate each other’s joys and share in their sorrows, where we enjoy each other’s company and fun together all of this alongside rigorous and meaningful learning firmly based in creativity and child centred. Some political leaders whose knowledge and direction of thinking is based on their own experience of highly privileged schools in the 1960s would have us believe that we cannot do both – we know better!

Enjoy the summer term.

With best wishes, Richard

Parent Questionnaire

Please look out for the parent questionnaire going out in book bags today. We do welcome your comments, so please take the time to complete this. PDF download available here.


Teacher-led clubs
Letters about the teacher-led clubs came out this week and are due back on Monday 22nd. Please note that these clubs are now also open to Reception year children.

This term in assembly we are celebrating the creation story. As part of this, on Thursday mornings we are looking at some of the weird and wonderful creatures that live on earth. Rosie would love to hear from anyone who knows of any fascinating and extraordinary animals, for example today in assembly we heard about a spider with claws which is the first new spider to be discovered in hundreds of years. (We aren’t really looking for animals that do funny things.) 

School Council
It is an exciting time for the School Council which has been asked by Rosie to write a prayer for assembly each week. The new Reception councillors (Isla, Rohan, Mabel and Stanley) have also now joined us.

HTPD Prayer Group
The date of the next meeting is Thursday 25 April, 12.30pm at Cecilia McNair-Scott’s house. We will enjoy lunch together and children are welcome! Contact Emma Laporte for details: 07947 712542.

A reminder not to park or turn in Pewley Bank. The Residents Association are concerned about the safety of children walking to school along Pewley Bank (where there are no pavements) if there is a constant flow of vehicles in and out of the road. We would also ask that parents do not park in front of the school car park gates especially at pick up time when some staff need to leave on time to collect their own children from school.


The next FOPS meeting will be taking place on Monday 22 April at 8.00pm in the staff room. We will be considering projects around the school which require our financial support. All are very welcome! We will also be planning the Summer Fair so if you would like to be involved, please join us!

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Savannah Pomeroy, Beech Class, has lost her named pink and white coat.

Spanish Club
There are still places available at Spanish Club which runs on a Tuesday from 3pm-4pm. Please contact the office if you are interested