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Year 5 News

27 September 2012

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Table Challenge

Sir Walter Raleigh's team won the Table Challenge last week in 5R; they chose and made a creation from Roald Dahl's revolting recipes: 'Nishnobblers'!




Year 5 are really excited about learning how to play the clarinet.  This week we were given a reed and learnt how to play the notes c, d and e.

It was hard making the right sound and not making the clarinet squeak, but we were fantastic by the end of the lesson!



Maths Number Hunt

We hunted for the letters of the alphabet that made up our names.  Each letter had a different value.  We needed to work out the value of our full name.  Then we worked out the value of the names for everyone in our group.  Some of us even worked out the value of the names for the whole class!

We used a range of different strategies to find the totals.  We found out that column addition was the best method for this type of number problem.