House Poetry at the Infants

09 October 2014

Well done to everyone for joining in so enthusiastically with our first ever house poetry event. Lots of children recited poems and even more children performed their class poems. Congratulations must go in particular to those children who made up their own poems. Well done to all 6 classes.

Year 4 Perimeter in Action

09 October 2014

We have been using our measuring skills to measure real-life objects. We measured the length and width of different objects/areas; from the pitch to the table tennis tables. We also measured a variety of items inside the school and worked in groups to solve the perimeters.

LO: To be able to measure, calculate and apply the perimeter of simple shapes in a real life situation
LO: To be able to work in a team.

Year 4 at Butser Farm

03 October 2014

Year 4 had a fantastic day at Butser Farm in Hampshire, where we went to look at many different materials and their uses. We tried clunching, chalk carving, spinning and jewellery making using chalk, wool and copper wire!

Reception's First Visit to the Wild Place

02 October 2014

Hazel and Willow had great fun exploring the Wild Place.

Year 2 Wild Place Adventures

02 October 2014

Year 2 have been enjoying their RE sessions in the Wild Place. We talked about how huge crowds gathered on the hillside to listen to Jesus and thought about how they might need shelter.This also linked in with how people were made homeless by the Great Fire of London. We then made our own shelter in small groups.

Infant House Netball

01 October 2014

Our House events have started this year with a superb round of house netball and netball skills competitions. Year R and 1 took part in activities and scored points for their houses. Amazingly the houses drew in both year groups. Year 2 played a netball tournament and all the children played very well. The Year 2 winners were Shackleton and Nightingale jointly with Keller coming third and Mandela in fourther place. Well done to everyone for taking part so sportingly. Our next house event is next week and will be House Poetry. Good luck with learning your poems!

Reception Fire Safety Visit

26 September 2014

Sebby's mum Charlotte is a firefighter and she kindly came to show Hazel and Willow class the firefighter uniform. It was fun to try on the big boots and heavy yellow helmet.

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