House Poetry

26 November 2015

Our house poetry performances took place this week and we were amazed and impressed by how well the children joined in.  Some children learned poems at home and others shared poems they had been taught at school.  It was a lovely occasion and has helped to highlight how enjoyable poetry can be.

Year 1 at Guildford Museum

20 November 2015

Year 1 had a lovely time at Guildford Museum learning lots about old toys.

House Bake Off

20 November 2015

HTPD's first Bake Off was a huge success with representatives from each house facing a 'blind technical challenge'.  The children rose to the challenge by baking their own gingerbread from which they created their stunning gingerbread houses.  Congratulations to all of the houses and to Shackleton for being overall Bake Off champion.

Mr Strong Infant Assembly

17 November 2015

After reading 'Mr Strong' in assembly this week we have been thinking about how important it is to be strong enough to try to do the right thing.

Mad Hatty gave four children the  fun challenge of holding their body in a strong plank shape for a minute. They managed very well!

You can see more about the assembly themes for this term on our Assembly page of the website.

Netball News

09 November 2015

The Year 6 girls won the Guildford Schools Indoor Tournament on Monday. They were undefeated throughout the tournament and won 4-1 in the final vs Queen Elizabeth.

The Great Fire of Pewley

04 November 2015

Tuesday was very exciting at Pewley as  one of the big highlights of our topic arrived - The Great Fire of Pewley! The children told the story to their parents, sang "Pewley's Burning" in a round and then watched their stunning model of Tudor London burn down. The fire spread from building to building and the children cheered to see a real fire in all its glory. Thanks to all the parents that were able to come along to join us and to celebrate the children's work afterwards in the classrooms.

Here are some of their thoughts:

On Tuesday we did the Great Fire of Pewley.  We saw a fierce fire.  They were very hot flames.  That was a huge fire.
On Tuesday it was the Great Fire of Pewley.  The flames went crazy.
Ben M
On Tuesday we had the fire of Pewley.  Patrick started the fire and the fire spread very slowly.  It was very big.  It was huge.  It was the biggest fire I had ever seen.
On Tuesday we got ready for the great fire of Pewley.  First we put some straw on the Tudor houses.  Then we had our play.  Then we had our fruit.  Then we had our lunch.  Then we had the great fire of Pewley.  First we sang a song then we saw the fire begin.  After that we showed everyone our work.  Then we went home.
The flames were very, very hot.  At the end of the whole of London was gone.  It was a disaster.  The people were sad and at the same time they were happy.  Then the wind stopped.
When the fire started  it was small but it got bigger and the flames were red, yellow and the flames were see through.  It was spreading fast.  It was turning to ash and the flames were zigzag.  House after house was burning.  Even the cathedral burned down.
The fire started slowly and then it started to speed up.  It got really big.  Lots of people were shouting.  The flames were orange, yellow and red.  It took an hour for the whole row to burn down.
Charlotte D
I thought the fire looked quite enormous.  Then I thought the fire was ‘zigzagy’.  I couldn’t believe how cool it was.  It was like a magical world.  I just couldn’t believe my eyes.  Patrick started the fire.  It spread because it was big.  It made a bonfire.  Then when the fire was over there were tiny bits of cardboard.  The fire made me feel surprised.  I was happy too.

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