Reception royal wedding lunch

18 May 2018

Reception enjoying a royal wedding lunch!

Year 6 Creative Writing

09 May 2018

Here is some stunning Y6 writing and it shows that even with SATS around the corner, Y6 at HTPD are being so creative and imaginative! It was written by Cabrini in 6H.

An Arabians night’s tale

Long ago, before towering mountains were formed, before the sea filled the earth, before a man touched the ground, the golden phoenix was made; a beautiful charm set on a beautiful bracelet of gold and sparkles. Placed upon the sandy floor, it eventually got covered in earth and dust but it waited. Oceans came to fill the ground but still it waited. Ox and donkey trampled the sand, churning up the grains, but still it waited…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Zahara was an extraordinary man. He lived in the grand city of Baghdad with his ordinary wife and children, they were no match with Zahara’s unusualness though. He was one of a kind. When Zahara was still young, he had many adventures, this is one of them.

Zahara was a young fisherman, he caught fish, not for a hobby but necessity, he could only earn a few pennies for every catch but all the same, he was a rich man; until he caught the bracelet.

As usual, he was out on his miniscule boat waiting for fish, it was an unusually hot day, without a breeze to ripple the cool, salty ocean. The sun beat down on his back, lashing out with its beams, he sat watching the suffocating, dry sand on the beach and it’s little people scuttling around it.

Suddenly a gust of wind knocked Zahara over, stunned, he scrambled for the nets but they had been knocked overboard, he stabbed the SOS button but nobody came, wind whipped his face like knives slicing through meat. Then it all disappeared, and once again, the seas were calm and flat like a glass table, a single wave splashed into the boat and with it, a shining, glistening bracelet with of golden phoenix that twinkled like the sun after a storm.



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