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Year 5 News from the Week

07 March 2014

Egg Drop

Our challenge was to design, build and test a landing craft for our chocolate egg. We investigated air resistance and crumple zones by making parachutes and springs. We were able to divert and absorb the energy away from the egg using lolly sticks and cardboard. One of our biggest problems was that the more protection we gave the egg, the heavier it became. We needed to come up with some very clever designs to ensure we used the available materials as effectively as possible.

Building the Pyramids

Our task was to design and build a mechanism that could move bricks for our pyramid. We needed to find a way to use the maximum amount of force with the minimum amount of effort. We designed platforms and cradles for the bricks and found out that our mechanism needed to be able to move up and down as well as oscillate!

SATRO Science Day

We had a fantastic day building and testing pneumatic rockets when the SATRO team visited Y5! After carefully constructing the rockets, filling them with the correct amount of ‘rocket fuel’, we took them out on to the green to test them. We needed to add compressed air to the water; it was hard work pumping the bottles up! Once we were at a safe distance we could set them off. We took it in turns to record the flight times and distance travelled. It was great fun!