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Homework Survey

21 March 2014

A questionnaire was given to all classes via the School Council reps to get an idea of what the children thought about the homework that has been set for them since September. The notes below try to summarise both the results of the questionnaires that were completed and the School Council responses.

The responses were interesting and will give the teachers an insight on how to improve what is set for the children.

How much homework do you get?
There was a clear pattern across the school of an increasing amount set.
Reading, spelling and tables were consistently set in all classes but the consistency across year groups of other homework set seemed variable from week to week and between classes.

When do you do it? / Where do you do it?
Most of the homework set seems to be weekend homework or attempted at the weekend. Children say they have many activities in the week evenings. There was a fairly even split between Saturday and Sunday. Interestingly, as the children get older there were more responses to imply that they did homework in a quieter room/own room, at tables or desks, forming good working habits.

Are you able to have access to a computer for h/w if you need to?
There were a small group of children (10 approx) who did not have access to a computer/ internet access.

What homework have you most enjoyed?
Maths and Mathletics were the most popular homework particularly in years 4 and 6. Homework on the computer was most enjoyed by year 5.

Which ones have you disliked?
English Particularly comprehension came up in a number of classes.

What do you think of Mathletics homework, what is set for you and is it of the right level?
Responses were spilt fairly consistently half and half across all year groups, some children like it and some actively dislike it. Some find things set too difficult and some too easy. Year 4 and 6 found the level mostly alright. When asked about the ‘My Maths’ website it was not consistently used.

Is your homework too easy /too hard/just right?
More found it easy rather than too hard, year 6 was about right.

Would you like more/less homework?
Consistently 50/50 across the school although 6SC would like less!

What do your parents think of the homework?
Children reported mixed responses.
“Too easy” “Not simple enough” “Good, at the right level” (these comments were from the same class!)
“Needed more info on how to do the homework”
“Why do you need to do so much homework?”
“Do not like the work would prefer to spend time with him”
“Work is boring!”
“Really like it, preparing them for the next school”
“Super, more of it”

We would like to thank the children for taking part so sensibly and giving us their honest opinions.
If you or your child would like to make further comment to the School Council about their findings on homework or indeed any other issue please contact them on schoolcouncil@holytrinity.surrey.sch.uk.  The children would love to hear from you!