Child Protection / Safeguarding

Holy Trinity Pewley Down fully recognises its responsibilities for child protection. The lead Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for HTPD is Clare Brunet, Headteacher.

Other DSL's are:

Holy Trinity

Clare Brunet
Mary Booth
Tom Everard

Pewley Down

Clare Brunet

Sheena Preston

The nominated governor for child protection is Mark Sharman who may be contacted through the Clerk to the Governors, Jane Bennett on 01483 570 038 or by email on

If you are worried about a child, please see one of the DSL’s in confidence.

Please see our Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy, Anti-Bullying Policy and E-Safety and ICT Policy for further information.

The following websites may be of help or interest to you:

In an emergency or if are unable to contact any of the DSL's, please contact the South West Surrey Referral Hub - 0300 123 1640 or call the police.



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