Our Ethos

Rev Robert Cotton, the school’s Chair of Governors and Rector of Holy Trinity and St Mary’s Churches writes:

For more than 200 years, both Holy Trinity Church and Holy Trinity School have been at the heart of Guildford life. The church, being on the High Street, keeps its doors open as much as possible, welcoming people into a place of beauty, stillness and glory. The school was once situated very close by – but now, both Pewley Down and Holy Trinity are right next to the wonderful Surrey countryside. This gives children the chance to delight in, and learn to respect, their environment.

For over 20 years, I have taken assemblies regularly, seeing the children in action, praying with them, and rejoicing in them singing so enthusiastically. Above all, I enjoy telling them stories – from the Bible, or stories that Jesus told, or stories from our own day-to-day experience. Sometimes I love seeing them recognise the story I am telling half way through – it feels as though they could take over and complete the stories themselves! By hearing stories of faith and hope, kindness and generosity, we learn to be people of faith and kindness ourselves. Then, at the end of each term, the school visits the church, bringing some of their work and music as an offering to God and a celebration of their talent.

The school and church are committed to the same ethos and pattern of living: seeking wisdom, respecting all, delighting in truth, nurturing character and hope. The church gives to the school with an annual financial donation, as well as the support of time, energy and enthusiasm of people who are parents, helpers and governors. The church benefits from links with the school by having children from HTPD in our Junior Church, choirs and congregation. I take enormous pleasure in seeing young adults, walking around Guildford, knowing that they have much to offer our society, as they were nurtured by their time at both Holy Trinity school and church.


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