We are very interested in collaborating with schools across Europe and are currently part of an Erasmus + project. This gives us funding for teachers to observe and learn from practice in European schools and to set up links between our classrooms. We also have teachers visiting our school from Spain and Denmark this year. It is a great way to share and learn from different settings and educational systems.

We currently have four eTwinning projects running at HTPD. eTwinning offers a platform for teachers to communicate, collaborate, share and develop projects with other schools in Europe.

This year we have started two projects between Colegio Carmen Hernandez in Tres Cantos, Madrid and two more with with Gistrup Skole and Ferslev Skole, both in Aalborg, Denmark.

We also have an eTwinning project between children in Year 6 and our long term partner school, Colegio San Gregorio in Aguilar de Campoo in North West Spain. Each year we have the opportunity for families from Year 6 to host a child from this school and for a small group of pupils in Year 6 to make a reciprocal visit to Aguilar, Spain, where the children will stay with families and attend school for a week.

We have received two European Quality Labels for our previous eTwinning projects over the last two years and have also recently received the Foundation Level International School Award.



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