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Year 1- Spring 1- 2014

Overall Objective The FA have been teaching skills used in football
Game link Football
Skills learned Finding and using space, changing speed & direction

Year 2- Spring 1- 2014

Overall Objective Net & Racket Sports
Game link Badminton & tennis
Skills learned Hand to eye co ordination, serving, hitting into a space, moving in different directions, scoring points.

Year R- Spring 1- 2014

Overall Objective Exploring what our bodies can do
Skills learned Different ways to move, balance and make shapes


Overall Objective Effective passing
Game link Hockey
Skills learned Controlling the ball, accurate passing, interception and dodging & marking.

Overall Objective Travelling using body parts and equipment to control a ball
Game link Hockey
Skills learned Dribbling ball, changing pace & direction, send (hit & push pass) and receive while stationary and moving


As part of the house netball event Year 1 learned & used different skills like throwing, catching, aiming and working together.

As part of the netball competition year 2 played benchball. First we learned the rules and revised the skills we needed. Then each house played each other.

There were lots of goals scored and points can also be awarded for good team player, sportsmanship and trying hard. This year Keller came 4th, Nightingale 3rd, Shackleton 2nd and Mandela 1st. Well done to everyone for taking part.


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